Thursday, July 19, 2012

Acupuncture for Cancer - Does it work?

What is the causes of cancer?

You know that tar, heavy metals, asbestos, benzene, dyestuff, mold, cigarettes, automobile fumes, arsenics,  saccharine like chemical things and sunshine, gamma rays like radiation causes cancer. Most of those are from modern chemical materials. But those are not all the factors. Cancers have been around for a long time before most modern chemical materials were created. Then what is the cause of cancer? And in ancient time, did they know about cancer?

Stress, emotions and Cancer

And recently scientist found the stress also causing cancer. There is one example, A female had a stomach surgery due to stomach cancer. Even though it was minor one, more than half of stomach was removed. She was ok for the first 3 months. After three months, she had same symptoms as before surgery, even though she didn’t eat spicy or salty foods at all. But she always thinking for her children. Her continued stress damaged her stomach. Removing stomach cancer by a surgery will not solve the real problem. This is only part of solution. The real cause was her stress which was thinking too much.
Her constitution is weak stomach and spleen according to my diagnosis. and additional her too much thinking made worse her stomach worse. and made stomach cancer. 

Acupuncture for Cancer - Does it work?
How to help Cancer with acupuncture and moxa treatments

Do you know that acupuncture and herbs formulas helps cancer patients? I have several case about cancer. Stomach cancer, Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Ovarian cancer, Prostatic cancer and so on. Actually I can not diagnose cancer. And I don't know whether you have cancer or not. Only I know about your symptoms. In Ancient time, all of doctor did know about cancer, they just used symptoms to diagnosis. and they treated. Through the symptoms I can approach the cancer. There is another case of cancer.
A lady had a breast cancer on her right side. Her doctor suggested a surgery and advised her that even surgery may only extend her life 6 months to one year at most. She had a son who would go to collage soon. If she had a surgery, there was no money left for her son’s tuition. She decided to give up the surgery and tried the acupuncture. She got acupuncture and moxa treatments once a week. Her breast became swollen and felt hot with acupuncture. She got the therapy two times a week. She fully recovered from cancer after 6 months. Her doctor became speechless as he had insisted surgery was the only option.
Please note that acupuncture doesn’t work every time for cancer. However many report and in my experience acupuncture may work.
There are also many successful reports with moxibustion using mugwort leaves.
People usually get treated for cancer first with "modern" medicine which is a variety of chemicals and radiation. When that doesn't work, they try alternative medicine. I think the best solution is to combine conventional and alternate medicine, such as acupuncture and herbs.

Sometime acupuncture for cancer - very good result

In another example, a couple came to New York from California for two weeks stay. He got an endoscopy just a day before heading to New York. He got a phone call from his family doctor two days later. His doctor said that a biopsy from 8 spots showed cancer and asked him to get a CAT SCAN appointment. He had one malignant tumor out of four spots three month ago on 1st test. They tried to fly back earlier, but that would cost them $900 extra. Someone advised them that cancer wouldn’t grow much faster within two weeks, so he decided to stay in New York as planned.
He came to me with great anxiety. After examination, I told him that I don’t treat cancer and it is beyond my practice. However I can treat edema on legs, swollen face and productive phlegm and no energy and lots of sweating on his back with a little movement. All these symptoms are related to stomach and spleen.
I gave him two acupuncture treatments a day and he drank herb two times a day. This herb was to remove stomach fire and dampness and phlegm. He felt better with the treatments of acupuncture and herbs. His swollen face and edema almost disappeared after one week.
When he went back to his home, he made an appointment for the test. CAT SCAN showed negative meaning no cancer or tumor found. His doctor couldn’t believe the result and wanted another endoscopy later. He got another biopsy from the same spot while doing the endoscopy. This test was also negative. The doctor said when he did the previous biopsy; all the cancer may have been pulled out.

How acupuncture and herbs can help with cancer

It is impossible for acupuncturists to find cancer. It is only possible by western medicine. It is important to remove cancer itself through chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. It is also important to remove original causes, such as stress and anger and resentment based on 7 emotions. It is required to correct unsuitable body function. Acupuncture usually approach to original causes.
Try acupuncture to remove any kind of blockage for better blood circulation, deficiency, stagnation, blood stasis and phlegm.
Try to increase immunity with herbal drink providing the body’s basic requirement, as our body consists of qi, blood, body fluid and essence. If immunity is strong, there is no worry about cancer from the beginning.
Proper diet and exercise are mandatory.
Acupuncture can help with cancer. If original causes are disappeared, then cancer also naturally cured.
You can find a lot of science evidence about acupuncture and cancer.