Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Acupuncture Treatment for Fatty Tumors

Chief Complaint: Fatty tumors and dry, corrugated fingernails, occasional leg pain

Medical History: Elderly woman about 70 years old. In generally good health except for her main complaints.

Questioning exam: Visible fatty tumours on upper arms about one to two centimeters in diameter, deformed fingernails, occasional leg pain.

Pulse exam: Generally slippery, especially at the lung and spleen positions. Otherwise thin although not overly weak.

Tongue exam: Slightly thick white tongue coating, slightly pale and thin tongue body.

OM Diagnosis: Lung and spleen qi xu, with dampness and phlegm leading to the formation of fatty tumours. Liver blood deficiency failing to nourish the nails and lower limbs.

Treatment Principle: Tonify lung and spleen qi, clear dampness and phlegm. Tonify liver blood.

Point Prescription: Lung 7, Ren 12,6,4 Spleen 9, Liver 8, Spleen 6, Stomach 40

Herbal Formula: As I was practicing in rural Chiapas, Mexico at the time, I had no access to my usual apothecary, and had to turn to the only medicinal commonly available. Because of her gnarled fingernails indicating liver blood xu I prescribed two tablespoons of lightly toasted ground sesame seeds/day.

Lifestyle Prescription: I educated her on the Chinese medical care of the spleen, regarding sugar, cold drinks and oily fried foods, as well as moderate amounts of meat and eggs to tonify blood.

She followed all the recommendations diligently.

Results: Over the course of one year the patient received weekly treatments. The pain in her legs resolved completely and the forty odd tumours she had had on the lung, heart and san jiao channel areas of her upper arms reduced to about two or three per arm. Her fingernails and toenails, of which had 17 had been incredibly dry and striated and corrugated, with bits of the nails almost missing and looking very tender and damaged became fully formed lustrous and shiny, and at the end of the treatment the majority of her fingernails were transformed, with only three of the finger and toenails which had been the most malformed showing slight striations.

Synopsis: Fatty tumours, deformed fingernails, leg pain. Lung and spleen qi xu dampness and phlegm, liver blood deficiency.

The Treatment of Fatigue with Acupuncture and Herbs

Chief Complaint: Extreme fatigue and pain in joints

Western Diagnosis:
Adenocarcinoma of the Stomach

Medical History: Patient is a 67 year old male that outside of the diagnosis appears to be in good health. Blood panels are unremarkable. MRI reveals tumor of approximately 18 inches in diameter. Tumor is causing local as well as referred pain into the inguinal region.

Questioning exam: Most questions and answers were based upon the MRI findings. Surprisingly, his pain is not that severe. Has indigestion and diarrhea frequently, but better with medication (prilosec).

Pulse exam: Pulse is most definitive for neoplasm. Overall pulse is rapid, tense-tight, muffled (suggesting the neoplasm), with a tremendous amount of changing amplitude and qualities in both middle positions.

Palpation exam yields a tumor somewhat larger than a football in the lower abdominal area. Area is very hard to the touch and immovable. Pressure increases pain.

Tongue exam: Tongue is dry and geographic. Some swelling on sides with midline crack extending to tip. Deep-yellow coat over the stomach area. Red tip.

Patient’s overall coloring is pale and withdrawn. However, patient is fairly animated and active.

OM Diagnosis: Damp-phlegm accumulation with definite signs of heat–maybe even toxic heat. Based upon tongue and pulse. We do know that cancer is generally considered to be a fire-toxin with dampness/phlegm tangling.

Treatment Principle: Move the dampness, cool the fire, treat the pain.

Point Prescription: Ren 12
GB25left–referred pain site

Herbal Formula:
Zi Gen Mu Li Tang as a base 100 grams
Ku shen–25 grams
Yu Jin–25 grams
Bai hua she she cao–30 grams
Mu li–25 grams
Ban Zhi Lian–15 grams
Ling Zi–15 grams
Ci Wu Jia–12 grams
Qing Dai–12 grams
Huang Bai–10 grams
Sheng Jiang–8 grams
Ban Xia–12 grams
Fu Ling–10 grams
Gan Cao–10 grams

*all from Qualiherb

Since Western medicine had given up on this patient, he came for relief of pain and discomfort. After 6 months of treatment, his tumor had reduced by 40%. The following year, his tumor reduced again by 30%. Doctors gave patient another MRI to verify palpable results.

When patient came to me, he was given only two months to live. He would not survive the surgery and chemo/radiation were not an option. It has been nearly 5 years since I began treating this patient and he is alive and well with no signs of tumor. Publication in upcoming medical journal.

Phlegm type insomnia treated with acupuncture and herbs

Chief-complaint: Insomnia

Western-diagnosis: Insomnia

Medical-history: Patient, 35, female reports trouble falling asleep for 3 years. Often lays in bed and takes 2-3 hours to fall asleep.

Pulse: Pulse excess and large.

Tongue: Thick, white sticky coating

CM-diagnosis: Phlegm

Treatment-principle: Clear Phlegm

ST 40, ST 36, Ren 12, Yin Tang, Upper 1

Herb-prescription: Er Chen Tang

Yoga , walking, Avoid dairy, sugars, breads.

Results: After 2 weeks of acupuncture and herbs, patient sleeps well at night, falling asleep within 30 minutes.

Synopsis: Phlegm causes major problems including fatigue, anxiety, digestion issues, lower mood and insomnia to name a few.

The Treatment of Insomnia with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Chief-complaint: Insomnia with early waking for one year.

Western-diagnosis: Insomnia

Medical-history: A 32 year old female has insomnia for one year with insidious onset. Consulted with western doctor and took Melatonin supplement for 10 months, but she still had insomnia if she didn’t take the pills.

Symptoms: The above client can fall to sleep easily but wakes up regularly at around 4am. She found herself easily agitated and always suffer constipation (hard and dry stool).

Pulse: Her pulse is wiry and rapid. Palpation found sensitivity over the right upper abdomen.

Tongue: The tongue body is thin and red, the coating was thin but yellow in color.

CM-diagnosis: Liver Qi stasis turning to heat

Treatment-principle: clear Liver heat and smooth the Liver Qi

Point-prescription: SJ 17 (excellent point for Liver heat in patients who always complaint with insomnia or headache)
PC 6
KI 6

Herb-prescription: Chai hu jia long gu mu li tang (Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Decoction)(柴胡加龙骨牡蛎汤)

Lifestyle-prescription: Emotional control, also learn deep-breathing exercise. Eat less spicy and deep-fried foods.

Results: 3 treatments of acupuncture and 15 days of the herbal medicine. The client slept well afterward.