Monday, February 20, 2012

The Treatment of Facial Muscle Spasms with Acupuncture

Chief Complaint: Facial Muscle Spasms
Age: 51
Sex: F
Symptoms The patient has had face muscle spasm and ticks for one year; It gets worse in the Summer; She feels numbness on the face; Has dream-disturbed sleep and if she doesn急 sleep well thick is worse; Has loose stools (once a day); After defecation feels anus prolapse; Poor appetite; Quick temper, has high blood pressure for ten years. Tongue: purplish, white coating.
Pulse: thready, wiry.
Aetiology and Pathogeny
Liver-Yang rising causing internal Wind of Deficiency type. Liver-Yang attacks the Spleen causing symptoms, such as poor appetite, loose stools, anus prolapse and sticky white coating.
Liver-Yang is rising affecting the Spleen.
Principle of Treatment
Subdue Liver-Wind.
Acupuncture Points
Taichong (Liv 3);
Tongziliao (GB 1);
Sibai (St 2);
Quanliao (SI 18);
Fengchi (GB 20): to eliminate the Wind;
Hegu (LI 4);
Zusanli (St 36).
Note: All points are needled on the left side.
The patient still feels some spasms.
Acupuncture Points
Same points.
The patient is much better, almost normal.
Acupuncture Points
Same points.
The patient is much better.
Acupuncture Points
Same points.
The patient feels normal, almost perfect. Only very occasionally she has a small tick.
Acupuncture Points
Same points.

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