Monday, February 20, 2012

The Acupuncture Treatment of Hearing Loss

Chief Complaint: Loss of hearing
Western Diagnosis: Deafness
Medical History: 7 yrs. old child came to me with a history of suffering with coryza and fever for 7 days and sudden onset of deafness in both ears. Audiometery was done which shows moderate to severe deafness in both ears. No relief with allopathic medicines and child was advised hearing aid
Questioning exam: Child was very irritant and was not responding to oral commands may be due to deafness
Pulse exam: normal
Tongue exam: pinkish tongue,no other signs were present
OM Diagnosis: according to me deafness was due to local infection so only local points were used
Treatment Principle: all acupuncture points treat diseases of the local and adjacent areas
Point Prescription: SJ 17,21
SI 19 GB 2
only local points were used and were stimulated with laser only as I feel deafness was due to local infection
Lifestyle Prescription: No other treatment was advised
Results: Patient was able to hear only within 3 days, Audiometery was done after 9 days which shows hearing was within normal limits
Synopsis: Do not depend only on books try your brain also and accept every case with a challenge

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