Sunday, February 19, 2012

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Prickling Pain

Chief Complaint: Prickling pain the lower legs and feet and low back pain
Western Diagnosis: Ideopathic peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis, osteopenia
Medical History: Patient is a 64 year old female who suffered an anxiety attack five years ago and a TIA three years ago before being diagnosed hyperthyroid and underwent a radioactive iodine treatment. She is now hypothyroid taking supplemental levothyroid and a daily 80mg aspirin. Patient suffers from osteoarthritis in the knees, feet and hands with visible deformity. Patient also suffers from osteopenia and takes Fossamax weekly. Otherwise, patient has an excellent diet and walks regularly. Patient lives near her family and sees them regularly, she also participates in various classes for seniors at the local community center.
Questioning exam: Main symptom is pain. Pain in the lower legs and feet is pricking and electric. Pain is constant and is worse at night and makes it difficult for patient to sleep. Pain in the low back is achy, dull and constant. Pains are worse with cold damp weather and better with heat. Points also become swollen in damp weather. Patient also suffers hot flashes with no sweating, constipation, gas and indigestion. Some gluten sensitivity present in her family though she herself has not been tested. Patient is also constantly hungry and fatigued. Walks regularly by has difficulty walking, uses a cane.
Pulse exam: Right tracing along the Sp and GB channels of the lower leg produces pain in the legs and feet while pressure in the low back relieves back pain. Abdominal palpation shows tenderness along the CV channel from CV-12 to CV-4, tenderness on the right side just under the costal margin, tenderness at ST-25, ST-27, Sp-21, Lu-1 and Lu-3.
Tongue exam: Tongue exam: Tongue is slightly swollen in back and thin in the front. Tongue body is purple throughout Coating is peeled in front, thick white in back.
OM Diagnosis: Wind-Cold-Damp Bi Syndrome leading to Qi and Blood Stagnation. Underlying Kidney Yin and Yang deficiency. Abdominal palpation shows Mixed Yin pattern.
Treatment Principle: Expel Wind-Cold-Damp, move Qi and Blood to stop pain, Tonify Kidneys and Harmonize extraordinary vessels.
Point Prescription: Ion Pumping Cords: P-6 Black to SP-4(L)red and Lu-7(L)red to Ki-6 Black for 15 minutes, follow with:
(Tan)Left Ling-Gu/Da Bai
Bai Hui
Nei Xi Yan
Sp-9, Sp-6
Ba Feng
Moxa feet, knees and low back
Herbal Formula: TOPICAL:
bulk herbs
Hai Tong Pi 15g
Hong Hua 15g
Su Mu 15g
Wu Jia Pi 15g
Bo He 15g
Wei Ling Xian 15g
Huang Bai 15g
Ru Xiang 15g
Mo Yao 15g
simmer herbs in sesame oil for 2 hours, strain herbs, use oil topically to massage feet and knees at night before bed.
Results: Patient reports almost complete relief of pain in back after treatment for 2-3 days. Massaging feet at night with topical oil calms prickling pain to allow her to sleep at night, but prickling pain returns during the day though intensity is decreased.

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