Monday, January 30, 2012

Left Knee Pain Treated with Acupuncture

Chief-complaint: Left Knee Pain for 2 weeks
Western-diagnosis: Left Knee fat pad irritation
Medical-history: 2 weeks ago gradually onset with progressive physical training. Resting, Ice, compression management received but no progression gained. Patient further seek bone-setter treatment but the situation got worse.
Symptoms: Left Knee inferior portion showed significant swelling, with local inflammatory signs significant. Patients walk with pain, and the discomfort increased with going up and down stair.
Pulse: Pulse: fast and superficial.
Palpation: local tenderness with increasing edema around the inferior part of left patella and tibial tuberosity.
Tongue: Red Tongue with thin coating.
CM-diagnosis: Wind heat
Treatment-principle: expel the wind heat
Point-prescription: LI4, LU5, SP9, ST36, LR3(all on painful side)
Herb-prescription: Nil
Lifestyle-prescription: Avoid fried food and keep relax lifestyle. Going up and down stair should be avoided.
Results: pain totally subsided in 1 week. Patient gain his confidence in continuous physical training.

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