Monday, January 30, 2012

Herbs and Acupuncture for Poison Wood Rash

Chief Complaint: Severe Rash
Western Diagnosis: Poison Wood Rash
Medical History: 57 year old male in good heath with moderately good diet, Plays basketball three times a week for exercise. Past history of fungal type rashes and respiratory infections.
Questioning exam: Patient was hiking on vacation in the Bahamas and brushed against a poison wood tree coming in contact with a black sappy substance. Unaware of what it was, patient tried to remove the sap from his arm. This sap then got under his finger nails and was unknowingly spread to other parts of the body. This sap later caused a severe red, raised rash that oozed and crusted over with bright red margins. Since patient was long distance and had few resources, he was advised to use tea bags on lesions, drink mint tea, and eat cooling foods until return home for treatment.
Pulse exam: Upon return: Wiry, LU, HT deficient at organ level.
Tongue exam: Red tip, wet, slight yellow coat
OM Diagnosis: Wind-heat fire toxin.
Treatment Principle: Dispel wind-heat toxin, relieve surface
Point Prescription: Lu 7, LI 11, LI4, Du 20, Ht 8, Liv 2 surround dragon for lesions
Herbal Formula: Xantium Relive Surface 3×3 times a day, Coptis Purge Fire 3 x two times a day for one week.
Topically: Paste made from Huang Lian, Huang Bai and Huang Qin. applied twice a day for 20 minutes.
Lifestyle Prescription: Once lesions were healed over patient used paste made from pearl powder to help prevent scarring. Patient was advised to seek treatment for underlying Lu deficiency and chronic damp-heat condition.
Results: Very good results. Within 24 hrs. rash was 50% improved. Within three days rash was flat, light red and lesions were 75% gone. Patient continued on Xanthium Relive Surface for one week at which time lesions were only flat, light-red areas
Synopsis: Patient was surprised and pleased with effectiveness of treatment.

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