Monday, January 30, 2012

Acupuncture and Herbs for Panic Attacks

Chief Complaint: Panic Attacks
History: panic attacks set off by exertion, social encounters. 6 year history, 1-2/month.
Symptoms: attacks: gets flushed, palpitations, energy surging upward in her chest (Running Piglet). cold hands and feet, cold body.
Palpation: Pulse: deep thin weak, slightly slippery, KD pulses weak.
Observation: geographic peeled patches, slightly red
OM Diagnosis: HT and KD Yin xu, Rebellious Qi in the Chong Mai
Treatment Principle: Harmonize KD and HT, treat Chong mai
Point Prescription: LU7 , K6, SP4 P6, CV4, LV3, GB34, ST36, CV17, shen men, yin tang
Herb Prescription: Tian wang bu xin dan
Lifestyle Prescription: ensure 8 hours sleep to help KD regenerate
Results: after 2 months treatment, no longer has full blown attacks.  apx 1/wk mild instances of palpitations with fluttering in the throat


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