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Tui Na (tuina) - Chinese Bodywork Massage Therapy


Tuina (Tui Na) is an Oriental Bodywork Therapy that has been used in China for 2,000 years. Tuina (Tui Na) uses the traditional Chinese medical theory of the flow of Qi through the meridians as its basic therapeutic orientation. Through the application of massage and manipulation techniques Tuina (Tui Na) seeks to establish a more harmonious flow of Qi through the system of channels and collaterals, allowing the body the naturally heal itself.

Tuina (Tui Na) methods include the use of hand techniques to massage the soft tissue (muscles and tendons) of the body, acupressure techniques to directly affect the flow of Qi , and manipulation techniques to realign the musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships (bone-setting). External herbal poultices, compresses, liniments, and salves are also used to enhance the other therapeutic methods.

Tuina (Tui Na) has a variety of different systems that emphasize particular aspects of these therapeutic principles. The main schools in China include the rolling method school which emphasizes soft tissue techniques and specializes in joint injuries and muscle sprains, the one finger pushing method school which emphasizes techniques for acupressure and the treatment of internal diseases, and Nei Gung method school which emphasizes the use of Nei Gong Qi energy generation exercises and specific massage methods for revitalizing depleted energy systems, and the bone setting method school which emphasizes manipulation methods to realign the musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships and specializes in joint injuries and nerve pain.

In a typical session, the client, wearing loose clothing and no shoes, lies on a table or floor mat. The practitioner examines the specific problems of the client and begins to apply a specific treatment protocol. The major focus of application is upon specific pain sites, acupressure points, energy meridians, and muscles and joints. Advanced Tuina (Tui Na) practitioners may also use Chinese herbs to facilitate quicker healing. Sessions last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on the specific problems of the client, they may return for additional treatments. The client usually feels relaxed but energized by the treatment.

Tuina (Tui Na) is now being popularized in this country as a powerful therapeutic extension of traditional western massage methods. Tuina's (Tui Na) simplicity and focus on specific problems, rather than a more generalized treatment, make it both an excellent alternative and/or extension of the Swedish-style massage. By utilizing treatments of shorter duration, it can be used in a variety of settings, including home, office, clinic or hospital. It is well suited for both the professional massage therapist or the active, health conscious individual.

Tuina (Tui Na) practitioners can be found by calling Acupuncture Colleges of the American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association.


Tuina (Tui Na) dates back to the Shang Dynasty of China, 1700 B.C.E. Oracle bones show that tuina (tui na) massage was used to treat children's diseases and digestive complaints in adults. By 600 C.E. Tuina (tui na) was included in the Imperial Medical College as a separate department. Tuina (tui na) flourished throughout China until the Qing Dynasty where it was suppressed along with other Chinese cultural arts. Following the Communist revolution, Tuina (tui na) was restored along with other traditional medical arts and was included in the creation of the current system of Traditional Medicine Colleges.

Currently, Tuina (tui na) is taught as a separate but equal field of study in the major traditional Chinese medical colleges. Tuina (tui na) doctors receive the same demanding training as acupuncturists and herbalists and enjoy the same level of professional respect.

Benefits, Limitations, Contraindications

Tuina (tui na) is well suited for the treatment of specific musculoskeletal disorders and chronic stress-related disorders of the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems. Effective treatment protocols have been tested in a practical setting. Tuina (tui na) is not especially useful for those seeking a mild, sedating and relaxing massage since it tends to be more task focused than other types of bodywork. Contraindications include conditions involving fractures, phlebitis, infectious conditions, open wounds, and lesions.

Auricular Acupuncture detoxification

Acupuncture detoxification is a modality that assists recovery in many ways.

* Its biochemical action assists endorphin production for capacity to cope with stress and cravings. It assists the body’s natural detoxification and chemical production to relieve withdrawal, craving, and other post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

Psychologically it acts as a balancing component of an overall treatment program.

* Physical and mental issues addressed, no longer just psychosocial strategies.
* Clients internal resources are strengthened for enhanced sense of vitality and well-being.
* Helps the individual strengthen their acceptance of the potential to stay clean.
* Client can experience internal relief from craving without external factors.

As for the social aspect, it lets the client engage in treatment in a non-threatening way with few verbal commands.

* Important in early treatment when client may not be receptive to interventions.
* Client participates meaningfully in a peer support group from the beginning.
* While acupuncture detoxification creates vitality and strength, peer support allows nurturing.
* Anxious and suspicious client sits quietly, safely and benefits in a group setting.

It supports the counseling process.

* Staff are cast in a ‘friendly’ vs. adversarial role without compromising program.
* Produces cheerful and cooperative atmosphere, reduces violence and conflict.
* Client is calmer and more focused for participation in the counseling process.
* Easy re-entry for relapsing addicts.

It is especially effective for clients who:

* May not be receptive initially to verbal counseling due to use or withdrawal.
* Are in denial and need to become more accepting of the need to be drug free.
* Are in emotional distress, i.e. anxiety, depression, acute or post-acute withdrawal.
* Need a simple non-threatening yet structured opportunity to begin coping with chemical issues engaging in a more formal treatment program.

It supports the administrative processes.

* Ordinary legal and/or security measures are not needed for this safe procedure.
* Rapid, inexpensive, and does not require a medical setting.
* Very cost effective.
* Fits well into existing treatment facilities, only needs a small convenient space.
* Barrier free. No waiting list and possible client loss. ‘On demand’.
* Extensive history often not necessary, saving time, paper, and effort.
* Confrontation or corroboration of information is often not needed to begin.

What are the unique benefits of auricular acupuncture for addiction?

Effective across all addictive substances.

* Outcome and anecdotal clinical reports indicate effectiveness with the commonly used addictive substances and combinations of substances. Other interventions often only target specific drugs of choice.

Effective throughout the treatment and recovery process.

* Originally developed for detoxification, the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Inc.) protocol has since shown efficacy when used in pre-treatment harm reduction settings, throughout stages of treatment, and as a relapse prevention/support intervention. It is consistent with 12 step recovery.

Effective along the continuum of care.

* It has successfully been integrated with a wide range of addiction treatment models, including those utilizing medications.

Accessible to men and women and adolescents. Accessible cross-culturally.

Treats the whole person, body, mind, emotions, spirit, just as addiction impairs the whole person.

* It has a comprehensive, not compartmentalized effect.

It is non-verbal and non-performance.

* Most other treatment interventions are both.

It elicits immediate and long term effects.

* With the exception of medications administered, few treatment processes yield any immediate relief to the suffering-most offer promises of future improvement.

It has few contraindications and adverse reactions. It is non-addictive.

It is simple and flexible and inexpensive.

* It can be easily integrated into treatment settings.

It improves treatment relationships.

It improves the treatment environment and outcomes.

It relieves staff stress.

It is paradoxically even more effective with the clients who are ‘hardest to treat.

* Effective intervention for persons who are pregnant, dually diagnosed, chronic, criminal justice mandated, violent, etc.

It is consistent and relatively safe.

It is balancing and not-symptom, syndrome dependent.

The Psycho-Social characteristics of the NADA protocol

It is a non-verbal process.

* The treatment will be just as helpful if the patient lies to us.
* The treatment will be just as helpful if the patient is ashamed to speak about certain issues.
* Patients will be able to learn about themselves and process.

The patient can be engaged in helpful treatment even before they are able to tolerate intense or personalized one to one interactions comfortably.

* Needy, fearful patients can be engaged in treatment before they can tolerate a bonding relationship with staff.
* Paranoid, antagonistic patients are able to accept help to accept help in spite of their lack of trust.
* Patients with low self-esteem and a lack of hope can begin their treatment participation at a realistic level.
* Patients who are also trauma victims will be able to participate in treatment even though they are fearful of interpersonal relations.
* Hence a much wider selection of patients can be introduced to substance abuse treatment.

Auricular Acupuncture provides a solution to some of the paradoxical problems in addiction treatment.

* Patients can be treated before assessment and diagnosis are completed so that the patient can be calm cooperative enough for a useful diagnosis to be made.
* Confrontation about drug use is not necessary because a patient can be helped even while they are in denial about the need for treatment.
* It is possible to provide kind, soothing, attention without the risk of enabling the addictive process.
* Developing trust between the therapist and patient is much easier.
* The patient can relax without losing control.
* Indeed, the whole program can relax without losing control.

Acupuncture helps the development of a meditation-like state.

* Patients become comfortable with their own thoughts.
* Patients become comfortable with their own physical processes.
* Patients learn to ‘let go’ of tension and preoccupations.
* Patients develop their win spatial comfort zone.
* Patients learn that their private, internal process can be a source of strength and renewal.
* Patients are able to remain comfortable while focused on present time activities.
* The calm stability in the acupuncture setting creates a relatively timeless process. There is much less pressure to improve according to guilt-related standards.
* Auricular acupuncture treatment in a group setting creates an environment which is reassuring and validating. As therapists, we are welcome to join this setting. We are able to be supportive witnesses for the patient’s own development.
* Hence patients listen, learn, and remember without being overwhelmed by distractions.
* In summary, acupuncture helps patients participate in individual and group treatment sessions more effectively.

There are two components to auricular acupuncture treatment.

* A balancing process occurs almost immediately so that the patient is more receptive to the message of the treatment.
* Very anxious patients usually fall asleep during acupuncture.
* Tired, apathetic patients report and increased sense of vitality during and immediately after with treatment.
* Most people experience a relaxing and centering feeling.
* As the number of treatment sessions increases, the patient will feel relatively harmonious most of the time.
* Hence, experienced, successful patients will no longer fall asleep during sessions. These patients will also not need to have acupuncture as frequently to gain the same effect.
* An outside observer might believe that acupuncture is less effective when the patient no longer falls asleep during the session. It is important to understand that just the opposite is the case. Acupuncture treatments become more effective as time passes. The phenomenon of ‘tolerance’ which is so typical in pharmaceutical medicine is not present with acupuncture.
* The actual ‘message’ component of an acupuncture treatment often has a delayed onset of several hours.
* As the patient becomes more balanced and receptive, this message becomes more effective over a longer period of time.

Defining the mechanism of acupuncture as ‘stress relief’ is a serious misunderstanding.

* ‘Stress’ is usually someone else’s fault so that treating the victim of stress can only be temporary at best- like giving a child ice cream after the dentist.
* All of our patients know that alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and other substances are excellent ‘treatments’ for stress!
* Acupuncture is valuable because it helps the patient prepare for the future, not merely cope with the past.
* We should judge the value of an acupuncture session, but rather by how well prepared the patients are for counseling, groups, and other challenges.

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Acupuncture Treatment for Xiao Ke (diabetes-like conditions, wasting and thirsting)

Xiao Ke (diabetes-like conditions, wasting and thirsting)

Lung (upper Xiao), Stomach (mid Xiao), or Kidney (low Xiao).

TCM – Yin deficiency with dry Heat

Dry Heat injures the Lungs

P/T – clear Heat, lubricate the Lungs, nourish fluids

Acupuncture - hand Taiyin & Shaoyin, BL 13 & LU 9, 10 (heat), BL 15 & HT 8 (purge upper Jiao Heat),

Yi Shu (pancreas Shu 1.5 cun lateral to T8)

- thirst- Ren 23, ST 44

Stomach dry Heat

P/T – purge Stomach Fire, nourish Spleen Yin

Acupuncture – foot Yangming, Taiyin, BL 20, SP 6, ST 36, BL 21 & ST 44, Yi Shu

- hunger- PC 6, Ren 12

Kidney Yin deficiency

P/T – clear Heat, nourish Yin

Acupuncture – foot Shaoyin, Jueyin, BL 23, KI 3, BL 18 & LR 3 (LR KI Yin, descend Fire), Yi Shu

Yin and Yang deficiency

chronic type II NIDDM, usually obese patients, Kidney deficiency, frequent urination which is cloudy, low back and knee weakness, dull complexion, irregular menses – menopause,

impotence – andropause, aversion to cold, P- deep weak

Acupuncture – foot Shaoyin, BL 23, Du 4, KI 3, Ren 6, ST 36, Yi Shu

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- pancreas, endocrine, KI, SJ, Shenmen, HT, LR, Er Mi Gen, gentle stimulation, one ear at a time, change ears every other day

7 star- T7-L1

injection- Dang Gui in Hua Tou Jia Ji

Acupuncture Treatment for Wind Stroke (Liver)

Wind Stroke (Liver)

Cerebral vascular accident, hemorrhagic, embolism, aneurysm, sudden onset of hemiplagia, loss of voice, stiff tongue.

Pre-stroke symptoms- numbing headaches, dizziness, limb numbness

Any stress on the neck through an accident or exercise may trigger stroke.

TCM – Liver, Heart, Kidney. Wind, Phlegm, Fire, can cause a disharmony of Yin and Yang, poor regulation of Qi and Blood, and Shen can’t control the body Qi. Either meridians get invaded, or the organs get effected.

Meridians Invasion Patterns

Liver Yang suddenly rises

emotional stress, overwork, hemiplagia, stiff tongue, mouth deviation, dizziness, headache, red face & eyes, easy to anger, constipation, yellow urine, P- strong wiry, T- red (or deep red) with yellow and/or dry coat.

Acupuncture – Du, hand Jueyin, foot Shaoyang, *Du 26 & *PC 6 (open orifices), *SP 6, LR 3, LI 11, SJ 5, GB 30, 34, HT 1, Ren 23, Jin Jin/Yu Yue (bleed)


hemiplagia, deviation, numbness and spasm of limbs, dizziness, cloudy mind, blurred vision, T- greasy coat, P- wiry slippery, generally more overweight people

Acupuncture – Du, foot Taiyin, Shaoyang, *Du 26, *PC 6, * SP 6, ST 36, 40, SP 9, HT 1, LI 11, SJ 5,

GB 30, 31, 34

Yangming excess with Phlegm-Heat

same as above, with sticky mouth and constipation, T- red smoky coat

Acupuncture – foot Yangming, *Du 26, *PC 6, * SP 6, ST 25, 37, 40, HT 1, LI 11, SJ 5, HT 1,

GB 30, 31, 34

Qi deficiency with Blood Stasis

hemiplagia with flaccid limbs, numbness, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweats, palpitations

Acupuncture - *Du 26, *PC 6, * SP 6, HT 1, LI 11, SJ 5, GB 30, 31, 34, Ren 6, BL 23, ST 36, Du 14 (stop sweat), Moxa

Liver Kidney Yin deficient Wind

Acupuncture - *Du 26, *PC 6, *SP 6, HT 1, LI 11, SJ 5, GB 30, 31, 34, BL 23, KI 3, LR 3

Zang Fu effected

Caused by Wind and Fire attacking the organs, this is more severe than meridian invasion.

Bi Zheng (closed/tense patterns):

Wind Fire

red face

Acupuncture – *Du 26, Shi Xuan (bleed), *PC 6, LR 3, GB 20, all open orifices to revive patient and clear externally caused Liver Wind


red face, rough noisy breathing

Acupuncture – *Du 26, Shi Xuan, *PC 6, ST 40, Ren 22


similar to Cold Bi, limbs are more flaccid than with Heat, gurgling sound in throat, cold limbs

Acupuncture - *Du 26, *PC 6, Shi Xuan, ST 36, SP 6, ST 40, Ren 6 (moxa)

Tou Zheng (open/flaccid patterns):

Yin and Yang collapse

Acupuncture – Ren 4, 8 *heavy Moxa), *Du 26, *PC 6, ST 36, Du 20, Si Shen Cong

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- subcortes, brainstem, frontal, occipital, temporal, LR, HT, KI, effected body parts

scalp- wait until the situation is stable, puncture opposite side of paralysis, use motor, motor sensory, and speech regions.

electrical- must wait until situation is stable, use on head, arm, leg, 2 points each, intermittent, or alternating frequency

*For chronic stroke patients, alternate puncturing the effected side and the normal side.

Prevention points: GB 31, 39

Acupuncture Treatment for Whooping Cough (pertusis)

Whooping Cough (pertusis)

Early stage

common cold symptoms, Wind/Cold or Wind/Heat, cough starts, cough becomes frequent and worse at night

P/T – expel pathogenic factors, promote Lungs function

Acupuncture – hand Taiyin & yangming, Lu 7, LI 4, SJ 5, BL 12, ST 40

- fever- LI 11, Du 14

- cough- Ren 22

Spasming Cough stage

Acupuncture – Lu 5, 6, 7, ST 36, BL 12, 13, Ren 17, LI 4

- blood in phlegm- BL 17, Lu 10

- nosebleed- LI 20, Du 23

Recovery stage

P/T – strengthen Lung and Spleen

Acupuncture – hand Taiyin, foot yangming, BL 13, 20, Lu 9, ST 36, KI 3, SP 6, BL 43 (yuan)

Alternative Treatment Methods

tapping then cupping along Bladder meridian

auricular- sympathetic, LU, brochioles

Acupuncture Treatment for Wheezing


External Wind

Rx – LU 7, 5, BL 11, 13

Wind Heat

Rx – SI 4, Du 14, LU 1, Ren 6, 7


Rx – BL 20, LR 13, ST 40, LU 7, Ren 17, 22

Damp fluids attack Heart

difficult breathing, cough frothy bubbles, edema, palpitation

Rx – Ren 4, ST 36, SP 9, PC 6, BL 13

Lung and Spleen deficiency

Rx – BL 20, 13, ST 36, LU 9, BL 43, ding chuan

Lung and Kidney deficiency

Rx – ding chuan, BL 13, 23, 24, 43, LU 9, KI 3

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – adrenal, sub-cortex, sympathetic

7 star – Lung meridian to sternocleidomastoid muscle area.

Acupuncture Treatment for Wei Zheng (flaccidity syndrome)

Wei Zheng (flaccidity syndrome)

Western medicine – any disorder of the PNS that may cause weakness &/or numbness, MS, spinal & muscular disorders.

TCM – flaccidity, paralysis, hemiplagia, muscular atrophy of the limbs

*Treat Yangming primarily (sea of food and water, contains the most Qi and blood)

Lung Heat damages fluids

epidemic febrile disease leads to weak limbs (meningitis, Guillian-Barre syndrome)

Acupuncture – hand Taiyin, Yangming, Hua Tou Jia Ji according to spinal nerves, or do whole spinal column, LU 9, LI 11, ST 37

- Lung dryness- LU 7, KI 6

Damp/Heat invasion

lower limbs get gradually weaker and weaker, numbness, heavy limbs, low Jiao Damp/Heat

Acupuncture – foot Taiyin, Yangming, Hua Tou Jia Ji (for lower limbs of nerve branches and low Jiao organs), SP 9 & Ren 3 (damp), Pai Ci (along ST meridian on the lower limbs- needle every cun),

LI 4, 11 (heat)

- digestion- Ren 12, Nei Ting

Spleen Stomach deficiency

muscle atrophy

Acupuncture – foot Yangming, Pai Ci, Hua Tou Jia Ji, Ren 6, SP 6, 9

Liver Kidney deficiency

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Acupuncture – foot Shaoyin, Yangming, Hua Tou Jia Ji, Pai Ci (upper and lower limbs), Wei Ci (around troubled area), Ren 4, SP 6, KI 3, BL 23

Blood Stasis

neuropathy (Heart attack recovery)

Acupuncture – Hua Tou Jia Ji, local points, Ren 6, SP 6, 10, BL 40

Alternative Treatment Methods

electrical- intermittent or alternating frequency, must see muscle twitch

7 star- BL meridian

injections- B1, B12

Acupuncture Treatment for Vomiting


Cold external pathogenic invasion

P/T – expel Wind/Cold, regulate Stomach Qi to stop vomiting

Acupuncture Rx – Ren, foot yangming, hand jueyin, Ren 12 & ST 36 (regulate and descend Stomach Qi),

PC 6 (regulate 3 Jiao Qi), LI 4 & GB 20 (expel Wind/Cold)

- dry heaves – moxa PC 5

- vomit bile water – GB 40

Food retention

P/T – promote digestion, remove stagnation, regulate Stomach Qi

Acupuncture Rx – Ren, foot yangming, Ren 10 & 21 (10 meets Spleen meridian, 21 regulates stomach Qi),

ST 36 & PC 6 (descend Stomach Qi), SP 14 (stagnation), ST 44 (clear Heat – purge)

Accumulation of Phlegm-fluids

vomit clear water, fullness of abdomen, dry mouth, no desire to drink, may vomit immediately after drinking, dizziness, blurred vision, T- white slippery coat, P- wiry slippery

P/T – eliminate water, transform Phlegm, regulate Stomach Qi

Acupuncture Rx – foot taiyin, LR 13 & SP 14 (strengthen Spleen to eliminate fluids), Ren 12 & ST 40 (Phlegm), PC 6 (nausea/vomiting)

- borborygmi – BL 20, 25

- palpitations – HT 7

Liver overact on Spleen

P/T – soothe Liver

Acupuncture Rx – Ren, foot jueyin, Ren 13 & ST 34 (regulate chest and diaphragm and Stomach Qi), LR 3 & GB 34 (soothe Liver), HT 7 (calm emotions)

- acid reflux – PC 6, SP 4

Spleen Stomach deficient Cold

P/T – warm and strengthen Spleen and Stomach

Acupuncture Rx – Ren foot yangming, Moxa, warm and tonify, Ren 12, PC 6, ST 36, BL 20, 21, LR 13, Ren 4

Stomach Yin deficiency

P/T – nourish Stomach Yin

Acupuncture Rx – Shu, foot yangming, BL 20, 21, SP 10, 6, ST 36, PC 6

- burning stomach – KI 3 or 6

- dry heaves – SP 4

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – ST, LR, sympathetic, subcortex, shenmen, leave for 30 minutes

injection – PC 6, ST 36, vitamin B6, B12

Acupuncture Treatment for Vaginal Itchiness

Vaginal Itchiness

May combine with pain. Can happen at any age but is most common around menopause.

Western Medicine – yeast infection, herpes, eczema, allergies (contact, atopic), endocrine disorders, neurosis.


P/T – clear Heat and Damp, calm Heart, relieve pain and itch, resolve eruptions.

Acupuncture – sedate Ren, foot Jueyin, *Ren 3 (diuresisz0, LR 2, 8 (heat), HT 8 (fire), PC 5 (mental factors), SP 9 (diuresis)

- digestion- Ren 12, BL 20, ST 36

Toxic Damp (parasites)

bacterial, fungal, viral infection, with foul yellow leukorrhea

P/T – clear Damp/Heat, eliminate parasites, relieve itch

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Jueyin, Ren 2 & BL 32 & LR 5, SP 9 & HT 8

- frequent urination- LI 4, SP 6

Yin/Blood deficiency

P/T – nourish Yin, purge Fire, expel Wind, relieve itch

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Shaoyin, KI 3 & BL 23 & SP 6, Ren 3 & BL 18, Ren 1

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- Shenmen, external reproductive organs, adrenal, endocrine, LR, SP, KI

injection- vit B12 @ BL 32, SP 6, 0.2-0.3ml

Acupuncture Treatment for Prolapsed Uterus

Prolapsed Uterus

Western medicine- downward displacement of the uterus, usually as a result of weakening or stretching/tearing (during childbirth) of the supporting tissues. It is divided into 3 degrees of severity.

Degrees: 1. cervix falls to pubis symphysis 2. can see cervix 3. uterus exits to external (procidentia)

Spleen Qi deficiency

Acupuncture – moxa and needle, Du 20, Ren 4, 6, GB 28 (meeting hui of the Dai Mai), ST 36.

Kidney Yang deficiency

Acupuncture – moxa and needle, Ren 4, KI 6 & 12 (lift Qi), Zigong

- tinnitus, light headed- Du 20, BL 23

- weak sore back and/or knees- BL 23, KI 3

Damp/Heat in low Jiao

Acupuncture – sedate, BL 20 & SP 9 (damp), LR 5 (heat), Ren 3 & BL 32 (diuresis)

- bloating- ST 25, 36

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- uterus, subcortex, sympathetic, LR, SP, KI

injection- Dang Gui or vit B1, B12, in LR 8, BL 23, daily for 7 days

scalp- reproductive regions, foot motor sensory regions

electrical- local points, points to direct the Qi upwards

Acupuncture Treatment for Urinary tract pain

Urinary tract pain

Western medicine – kidney stones, infection

TCM – low Jiao Damp/Heat, Qi and blood stagnation, complicated deficiency.

Acute onset of one sided lumbar area pain that radiates to the lower abdomen or external genitalia and possibly inner thigh. Urination that starts and stops or pauses midstream, this causes pain that radiates to the abdomen or lumbar region. Diagnostic tapping also shows pain. There may be distension of the lower abdomen. Urination may be difficult, painful, dribbling, dripping, hot, and may contain blood. Patient may also show nausea and/or vomiting.

P/T – clear Heat, induce diuresis to relieve Lin syndrome and pain

Rx – KI 3 & BL 23 (regulate Kidney to help Bladder), KI 5 (xi-cleft), Ren 3 & BL 28 (Bladder urine transformation), SP 6, 9 (Spleen dampness, diuretic), *purge and sedate

- upper urinary stasis – BL 52, GB 25

- lower urinary stasis – Ren 2, ST 28

- blood in urine – SP 10, BL 17

- nausea/vomit – Ren 12, PC 6, ST 36

- weak Kidneys – Ren 4, Du 4

Acupuncture Treatment for Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia (facial nerve pain)

Pain in the face that can last from seconds to days. Recurring attacks that get longer each time it comes. Sudden facial spasms on one or more of the three branches of nerves (trigeminal). Comes suddenly in a shocking spasming fashion, extremely painful. Most commo is the Zygomatic and the mandibular branches. The orbital is less common.

Do not puncture on patients trigger points.

Try to find out what triggers: emotional stress, weather, food, talking.

TCM- Wind/Heat, Wind/Cold, Toxic Heat, Qi and Blood stagnation

Orbital – BL 2, GB 8, 14, LI 4, ST 8, 41

Zygomatic – ST 2, SI 18, LI 4, 20, GB 3

Mandibular – Ren 24, Jia Cheng Jiang (even with Ren 24 below the corners of the lips), SJ 17,

ST 44, LI 4

- wind- GB 20

- Qi and Blood stagnation – SP 6, LR 3

*Sedating methods- do not over manipulate, longer calmer stimulation.

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- facial, mandible, frontal, shenmen

injection- vit B1 & B12, Yan Hu Suo, preference is to inject subcutaneously on the trigger points

Acupuncture Treatment for Sunstroke



sweat. feel hot, red complexion, dizziness, irritability, injures body fluids,

T- red with yellow coat, P- floating rapid

P/T – clear summer heat, regulate mid Jiao to relieve superficial

Acupuncture Rx – Du, hand yangming, Du 14, LI 4 & ST 43 (purge heat), PC 6 (regulate Stomach Qi), ST 36

- headache – ST 8

- nausea – Ren 12


heat invades the Pericardium and injures Qi and Yin, high fever, no sweat, burning hot skin with red complexion and eyes, dry mouth and lips, thirst, very irritable, spasm/convulsions, collapse, lose consciousness, T- red with yellow coat, P- strong surging or weak hidden

P/T – purge summer heat, open orifices

Acupuncture Rx – Du 20, 26, Shi xuan, LI 4, 11, bleed PC 3 & BL 40 (purge Ying and Xue heat)

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – bleed apex, shenmen, adrenal, HT, occiput, strong stimulation for over 20 minutes)

Acupuncture Treatment for Stomach spasms

Stomach spasms

Acute sudden onset of stomach spasms causing stomach ache.

Western medicine – acute gastritis, ulcer, cancer, neurosis.

Warmth and pressure help condition, rectus abdominus can be seen spasming, pale face, cold sweat, cold limbs, nausea, vomiting, belching, acid reflux, P-wiry. May be caused by acute sudden over-eating, eating too fast, eat too much after fasting, consumption of too much cold foods.

P/T – regulate Qi to harmonize Stomach Qi and relieve pain

Acupuncture Rx – foot yangming, ST 21 (local), 34 (xi-cleft, pain), 36, Ren 12 (mu)

- nausea/vomiting – PC 6

- belching, reflux – Ren 10, 11

- rectus spasms – GB 34, Du 8, 9

- deficiency cold – back-shu points

*purge and sedate, when pain subsides use moxa.

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – Stomach, Shenmen, sympathetic, *strong stimulation

electro – ST 34, 36, GB 34, *strong rapid continuous frequency

Acupuncture Treatment for Stomachache

Stomach ache

Western medicine – GI complaints, acute or chronic

Liver attack Stomach

Liver Qi stagnation causes wandering distending chest/abdominal/hypochondriac pain

P/T – soothe Liver, harmonize Stomach

Acupuncture – foot jueyin, ST 36 & Ren 12, LR 3 & 14

- belching – PC 6, Ren 17

Cold invades Stomach

acute severe cold pain, cold symptoms, T- white coat, P- wiry tense

P/T – warm Stomach, expel Cold, harmonize Stomach Qi

Acupuncture – sedate, moxa, Ren, foot yangming, Ren 12 & ST 36 (Stomach pain), SP 4 & PC 6 (abdomen)

- severe pain – ST 34

Accumulation of Stomach Heat

acute attack feels like painful fullness is pressing from the inside outwards, chronic attacks feel like fullness and distension, difficult for patient to describe (just say feels irritable or heart burn), acid reflux, bitter taste or sticky, T- red with yellow coat, P- rapid

P/T – purge Heat, relieve pain

Acupuncture – sedate, foot yangming, Ren 13 (cardia sphincter, meeting of Stomach and Ren),

ST 34 (Xi-cleft), ST 44, LI 4 & LR 2 (purge Stomach Fire)

- more Heat – HT 8

Food stagnation

distended pain, belching, poor diet, acid reflux, nausea, bloating, vomiting, dislike pressure,

bowel movement helps pain, T- thick dirty fur, P- strong

P/T – promote digestion, regulate Stomach Qi

Acupuncture – foot yangming, ST 36 (lower he-sae), ST 25, PC 6, Ren 10 (pyloric sphincter, digestion), Li Nei Ting (digestion, under ST 44)

Blood Stasis

ulcer, severe stabbing fixed pain, black tar-like stools, dislike pressure

P/T – promote blood circulation, move Stasis

Acupuncture – neutral, Ren, foot yangming, Ren 12, ST 36, PC 6, SP 4, BL 17 & LR 14, SP 6

- black tar-like stools – SP 10

Stomach Yin deficiency

dull pain, heart burn, difficult to describe pain, dry mouth and stools, T- red cracked, scanty coat, P- thin rapid

P/T – nourish Yin, harmonize Stomach

Acupuncture – Shen, Mu, BL 20, 21, LR 13, Ren 12, ST 36, PC 6, SP 6, 10

- black tar-like stool – SP 1, BL 17

Spleen Stomach deficient Cold

dull mild ache, worse on empty stomach- better after eating, like warmth and pressure, cold body, soft stool, nausea, vomiting clear fluids, T- pale, P- deep thin

P/T – warm mid Jiao, strengthen Spleen Stomach

Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, Shu, Mu, BL 20, 21, LR 13, Ren 12, PC 6 & SP 4 (confluent, abdomen), Ren 4

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – SP, ST, LR, sympathetic, shenmen, subcortex

7 star – T5-T12, medium to strong stimulation

injection – Huang Qi, Dang Gui/Chuan Xiong

electro – ST 36, SP 4 & PC 6, BL 20, 21, low continuous sedating frequency

acupressure – clockwise

Acupuncture Treatment for Shingles


Stagnated Heat in the Liver meridian

bright red with distended pain

P/T – expel Wind/Heat, purge Liver and Gallbladder

Acupuncture – Shaoyang, Jueyin, Hua Tou Jia Ji (at corresponding nerves areas), SJ 5, LR 2, 3, 8, GB 43, SP 10, puncture around affected area very 2 cun, *leave needles in patient for one to two hours

- irritable- HT 7, PC 4 (Xi-cleft)

- constipation- SJ 6

- face/neck eruptions- LI 4, GB 20

Damp/Heat in Spleen meridian

P/T – purge Heat, detoxify, eliminate Damp

Acupuncture – Hua Tou Jia Ji, local, SP 6, 9, 10, ST 44

- Heat- LI 11, Du 14

- poor appetite- Ren 12, ST 25

Chronic (Blood Stasis)

after eruptions are gone although pain still resides

Acupuncture – ashi points, corresponding meridians (i.e. hypochondria region- Shaoyang points), back Shu,

cupping, moxa

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- Shenmen, subcortex, LU, LR, GB, ST

7 star- around local, Hua Tou Jia Ji, strong stimulation, bleed slightly 2 times per day

electrical- 2 pairs of needles surrounding the affected area, stimulate around area not across, medium strength

Acupuncture Treatment for Seminal emission

Seminal Emission

This usually effects people who do a lot of sports, start sexual activities too early in life.

TCM – Kidney Qi dysfunction

Heart Kidney disharmony

emissions happen with dreams, palpitations, poor sleep and concentration, Heart Fire in the upper Jiao and Kidney water in the low Jiao

Acupuncture – Ren, hand and foot Shaoyin, HT 7 (sedate), KI 3 (tonify), Ren 4 (mild Moxa to control the gate), SP 6

- dizziness &/or blurred vision- Du 20, GB 20

Damp/Heat in low Jiao

prostatitis, emissions with dreams, can be after urination, urinary tract infections, other Damp/Heat symptoms (fullness or distension in the hypogastrium, bitter taste, nausea, heavy feelings, loose smelly stool, scanty yellow urine)

Acupuncture – Shu, Ren, foot Taiyin, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 23, 32, SP 6, 9

Heart Spleen deficiency

over-thinking, overtired, or over-stressed leads to emissions, Heart and Spleen symptoms

(palpitations, insomnia, worry, poor appetite & digestion, loose stool, pale complexion)

Acupuncture – Shu, foot Yangming, Taiyin, BL 15, 20, 23, ST 36, SP 6, Ren 4, HT 7, PC 6, GB 20

Kidney deficiency

Acupuncture – Ren 4, SP 6

- Yin deficiency- KI 6, Ren 3, BL 52, PC 8

- Yang deficiency- Du 14, BL 23, KI3

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- internal (Nei Sheng Zhi Qi) and external (Wai Sheng Zhi Qi) reproductive points, subcortex, endocrine, shenmen, *KI, LR, HT, SP

injection- vitamin B1, Dang Gui solution, inject at Ren 3, 4, lower abdomen, inner upper thigh, inguinal groove, BL 52, sacrum, 0.2-0.5ml, get sensation then lift slightly and inject. Once a day for 10 days alternating points, or 3 spots every 3 days

Acupuncture Treatment for Pulmonary tuberculosis

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, a very powerful infection.

The 4 symptoms of TB:

1. cough

2. cough blood

3. tidal fever

4. night sweat

5. emaciation

Lung Yin deficiency

P/T – nourish Lung Yin, kill bacteria, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – hand taiyin, foot yangming, foot shaoyin, *LU 9 (yuan), *KI 3, LU 1 & BL 13, BL 43, ST 36 & SP 6 (tonify mother)

- Yin deficiency – KI 6

- Fire – KI 2, LR 2 (ying-spring)

- Yin and Qi deficiency – BL 20, 21, Ren 6

- Yin and Yang deficiency – Moxa Ren 4

- cough Phlegm – LU 5

- cough blood – LU 6 (xi-cleft), BL 17 (blood influential)

- tidal fever – LU 5, 10 (purge Fire)

- night sweat – HT 6, KI 7

Lung Yin deficiency Fire

Lung Jing Luo are damaged, cough blood more, more Dryness and Heat symptoms, tidal fever, afternoon malar flush, T- red geographic

Acupuncture Rx – hand taiyin, foot shaoyin, LU 9 (yuan), LU 1 & BL 13 (mu/shu), KI 3 (Yin), LU 10 (deficiency Heat), LU 6 (xi-cleft, bleeding), HT 6 (night sweats)

Lung Qi and Yin deficiency

P/T – strengthen Spleen and Lung

Acupuncture Rx – hand and foot taiyin, moxa, LU 9, BL 13, 43 (Qi), SP 6, ST 36, Ren 17 (regulate Lung Qi)

- poor appetite – BL 20, 21

Yin and Yang deficiency

frothy pink bloody sputum, coldness, diarrhea, night and spontaneous sweats,

T- pale geographic, P- rapid empty

P/T – nourish Yin and Yang

Acupuncture Rx – hand taiyin, foot shaoyin and yangming, Moxa, LU 9 (yuan), BL 13, 43, 23, Ren 4, KI 3,

ST 36, Ren 17

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – LU, SP KI, endocrine, Shenmen, with electro or points injection

injection – TB points 3.5 cun bilateral to Du 14, and LU 1, BL 13. Inject B1 and/or antibiotics

application – Wu Bei Zi 60g + Long Gu 15g (powder and mix with warm water and apply to points). Try Bai Jie Zi on Lung area (antibacterial). Garlic on KI 1 is said to stop coughing blood.

Acupuncture Treatment for Prolonged labor (delivery)

Prolonged Delivery

Delivery that lasts more than 24 hours. Usually caused by either Qi and Blood deficiency or stagnation.

Qi and Blood deficiency

not enough Qi to push baby out, water breaks too early leaving no lubrication to the birth canal, contractions are not powerful, woman is pale, exhausted, woman feels like they can’t do it!

Acupuncture – Tonify, moxa, foot Taiyin & Yangming, ST 36, KI 7 & SP 6, BL 67, LI 4, GB 21

- low spirit- PC 6

Qi and Blood stagnation

first delivery, very nervous, may have been a lack of exercise throughout pregnancy, before labor, too cold in delivery room, delivery room is not a comfortable tranquil environment, severe abdominal pains but the baby is not moving well, blood is dark red, woman is very irritable,

T- dark, P- forceful deep

P/T – regulate Qi and Blood

Acupuncture – sedate, moxa then needle, BL 67, Duyin (second distal phalangeal joint on 2nd toe), LI 4,

GB 21, SP 6

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- uterus, subcortex, sympathetic, KI abdomen, intestines, BL, medium to strong stimulation every 3-5 minutes.

electrical- BL 31, 32, LI 4, SP 6, tens pads (not as effective), strong intermittent frequency

Acupuncture Treatment for Premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculate early or before sexual activity begins.

TCM – Kidney Qi deficiency

Kidney deficiency with Liver Qi stagnation

Kidney is deficient in general, plus emotional factors stagnate the Liver, this leads to Heat which forces an already weak Ming Men Fire. These people are generally depressed, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, blurred vision, P- wiry

Acupuncture – foot Jueyin, Ren, PC 6 & Ren 17, LR 2 or 3 (Heat or deficiency), Ren 4 & KI 3 & SP 6 (consolidate Kidney)

Kidney Yin deficiency with Hyperactive Minister (Ming Men) Fire

too much sexual activity leads to Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency, Minister Fire attacks the Essence house, Yin deficient symptoms (night sweats, hot soles and palms, anxious)

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Shaoyin, KI 3 & 6 & SP 6 (KI Yin), LR 2 (Fire), BL 23, Ren 4, BL 52 (will power)

- night sweats- KI 7, LI 4

Kidney Qi deficiency

can’t consolidate Essence, usually combined with seminal emission, copious clear urine, low libido

Acupuncture – tonify, Ren, foot Shaoyin, Du 4, Ren 4, BL 23, 52, KI 3, SP 6

- urinary problems- BL 28 & Ren 3

Fear/Shock injure Kidney

anxiety, fear, paranoia, low libido

Acupuncture – Du 20, Si Shen cong, HT 7, KI 3, Ren 4, SP 6, BL 15, 19, PC 5 (ghost), GB 40

Alternative Treatment Methods

*auricular- internal (Nei Sheng Zhi Qi) and external (Wai Sheng Zhi Qi) reproductive points, subcortex, endocrine, shenmen, *KI, LR, HT, SP

Acupuncture Treatment for Postpartum dizziness

Postpartum Dizziness

After delivery, sudden dizziness, blurred vision, can not stand, possible vomit, chest fullness, if severe may see fainting (may be pre-eclampsia).

Blood deficiency (Yang Qi collapse- shock) due to loss of blood

excess loss of blood during delivery, cloudiness, slow, spaced out, dizziness, blurred vision, pale complexion, nausea, irritable, fullness in chest, palpitations, shortness of breath, fainting, cold limbs, cold sweat (shock)

P/T – nourish Yang Qi, rescue Yang

Acupuncture – Ren, Du, Ren 4 & 6 (moxa), Du 26 (fainting), SP 6, ST 36

- fullness in chest- PC 6

- palpitations- HT 7

- bleeding- moxa SP 1

Blood Stasis

Qi reverses due to stagnation, P- wiry uneven

1. infection, cold pathogen invades the meridians leading to stasis

2. emotions lead to Liver Qi stagnation

3. Qi rising clouding the mind, dyspnea

P/T – warm meridians, expel cold, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture – Du, Ren, Du 26 (fainting), Ren 3, 7, SP 6, SJ 6, bleed Jing-well or Shi Xuan

- lock jaw- LI 4, LR 3, ST 6

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- Shenmen, sympathetic, adrenal, HT, LR, internal reproductive organs

Acupuncture Treatment for Polio


TCM- toxic Damp/Heat.

Mostly happens to children between the ages of 6 moths to 2 years. It is worst in summer and fall. Polio starts with fever (with a sore neck) coming before the paralysis or flaccidity, strange mental symptoms, sweat, nausea, headache. Fever goes up, then comes down again. When it rises after this remission it will be accompanied by the paralysis or flaccidity (one sided).

Wind/Heat/Damp invades the Lungs

initial fever is quite high, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, cold symptoms

P/T – promote Lung function, expel pathogens

Acupuncture – hand Taiyin and Yangming, LI 4, 11, LU 7, Du 14, Ren 12, ST 25, 36, GB 20

Damp/Heat in Jing Luo (Yangming)

Mid stage, fever rises again, whole body is painful and heavy, may vomit, diarrhea, irritability

P/T – clear Heat, transform Damp

Acupuncture – hand and Foot Taiyin and Yangming, LI 4, 11, ST 36, SP 9, GB 34

- limb paralysis- LI 10, 11, 14, GB 30

Liver Kidney deficiency

chronic paralysis/flaccidity, muscular atrophy, weakness, cold

P/T – nourish Liver and Kidney, strengthen bones and tendons

Acupuncture – Shu, foot Shaoyang, hand Yangming, BL 18, 23, Du 2, 3, KI 3, GB 34, 39, ST 36

- local points for paralysis, i.e. Hua Tou Jia Ji western correspondence to the nerves that control the particular area that is paralysed.

Alternative Treatment Methods

injection- vit B1, B12, Dang Gui, into Hua Tou Jia Ji and local points. 0.5-1ml

7 star- along local area and meridians

auricular- Shenmen, subcortex, spinal cord

exercise, physiotherapy, Tuina massage

Acupuncture Treatment for Phlegm-fluids retention

Phlegm-Fluids retention
Western medicine – chronic bronchitis, gastritis, pleurisy, ascites, heart Kidney disorders causing edema, emphysema, stomach and intestine disorders

TCM – external pathogenic invasion, irregular diet, injury (chronic illness, overwork)

Tai Yin

hypochondriac and chest fullness, palpitations, shortness of breath, water sounds in abdomen, vomiting clear fluids, thirst with no desire to drink, dizziness, blurred vision, soft stools, lumbago, cold limbs, low abdominal spasms, cold limbs, irregular urination (scanty difficult or frequent copious), T- pale with white slippery greasy coat, P- wiry slippery or deep wiry

P/T – warm Yang Qi, induce diuresis

Acupuncture Rx – foot taiyang, taiyin, Ren, Moxa, tonify, BL 23, 20, 22, SP 6, Ren 4, 6 (invigorate Yang Qi to help water transformation)

- soft stools – ST 36, Ren 12

- palpitation, shortness of breath – PC 6, HT 7

Xuan Xin

cough with frothy fluids, chest and hypochondriac distended pain, chest fullness, bland taste,

T- pale, P- deep wiry

P/T – regulate and harmonize Shaoyang Qi

Acupuncture Rx – neutral stimulation, BL 13 & LU 1 (cough), BL 22 (SJ), GB 37 (Liver Luo) & GB 40 (yuan) – regulate shaoyang Qi

- to move water more – LU 7, LR 14, Ren 17

Yi Yin

Wind edema, water spreads to muscles/limbs, heavy body, aching limbs, edema, aversion to cold, cough white frothy phlegm, shortness of breath, dry heaves, no thirst, T- white coat, P- wiry tense

P/T – induce sweat to eliminate water

Acupuncture Rx – foot taiyin, yangming, taiyang, stimulate until patient breaks sweat, purge and sedate, SP 6, 9, & BL 20 (help Spleen transform Damp), BL 12, 13 & LU 7 (induce sweat), LI 4, 11 (invigorate Qi, expel pathogens)

Zhi Yin

pleurisy, cough, dyspnea, chest fullness, can’t lay flat, cough large amounts of frothy white phlegm, if condition becomes chronic patient may get facial edema,

T- pale, with white greasy coat, P- wiry tense

P/T – waum Lung to transform fluids

Acupuncture Rx – foot taiyin, taiyang, Ren, Moxa, Ren 17 & BL 13 & LU 7 (Lung Qi regulation),

Ding chuan & GB 21 (deficient Lung Qi), BL 20 & SP 9 (Spleen transform Damp)

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – LU, SP, LR, GB, LI, shenmen, sympathetic, endocrine, subcortex, bronchi, chest

fire needle – lower abdomen or back shu – heat needle with fire then insert 0.2-0.5 cun quickly and pull out immediately, be sure to keep area clean until healed

Acupuncture Treatment for Palpitations


Western medicine – this accompanies heart disorders, chronic fatigue, anxiety, etc.

Heart Gallbladder deficiency

anxiety attack, neurosis, depression, chronic fatigue, whole body not balanced, induced by shock or wake in the middle of the night, poor sleep

P/T – nourish Heat and Gallbladder Qi, calm spirit

Acupuncture – BL 15, Ren 14, BL 19, PC 5 (ghost), HT 7

- timid, edgy, easily scared – PC 7

- spontaneous sweat, shortness of breath – ST 36, KI 7

Heart Spleen deficiency

similar to the above Heart symptoms but with the addition of Blood deficiency and Spleen deficiency symptoms

P/T – nourish Heart Spleen Qi and blood

Acupuncture – tonify BL 15 & Ren 14, BL 20, ST 36, BL 17 (blood)

- loose stool – ST 25, 37

Heart Yin deficiency

blood deficiency and Heat symptoms

P/T – nourish Yin, clear deficient Fire

Acupuncture – BL 23, KI 3, HT 7, 6

- 5 centre heat – KI 1, PC 8

Heart Blood Stasis

palpitations and fixed pain

P/T – promote circulation, remove Stasis

Acupuncture – neutral, PC 6, Ren 17, BL 15, moxa Ren 6, BL 17, SP 10

- insomnia – HT 7

Fluids attack Heart

palpitations and water retention, frothy watery phlegm with cough, chest fullness, dyspnea, difficult to lay flat, facial and/or ankle edema, scanty urine, dizziness, P- slippery wiry

P/T – invigorate Yang Qi, transform water

Acupuncture – hand shaoyin, Ren, Ren 4 & BL 23 (KI Yang), SP 9 (diuresis), PC 6 & HT 7 (palpitations),

Ren 17 (regulate chest Qi)

Heart Yang deficiency

palpitations and cold symptoms

P/T – warm and invigorate Yang

Acupuncture – BL 14, 15 (Heart Yang), Ren 4, 6 (moxa), PC 6 & HT 7 (palpitations)

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – HT, shenmen, chest, LU, subcortex, KI, medium to mild stimulation

7 star – neck, sub-mandibular region, bronchial area, lower sacrum, chosen points from prescription, PC 6, LU 9, etc., medium stimulation- just until spotting blood

injection – BL 15, PC 6, Dan Shen, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong

Acupuncture Treatment for Mumps


Mainly show in winter and spring.

TCM- toxic Heat blocks the Shaoyang.

Epidemic Febrile Heat in superficial (1st stage)

starts with swelling around the mandible angle

P/T – expel Wind/Heat, dissolve hardness

Acupuncture – hand Shaoyang, foot Yangming, SJ 17, ST 6, SJ 5, LI 4

- Heat- Du 14, LI 11, Lu 11, LI 1)

Toxic Heat stagnation (full onset, 2nd stage)

high fever, swelling is significant

P/T – clear Heat, detox, soften hardness

Acupuncture – Du 14, LI 11, SJ 3, LI 4, SJ 17, ST 6, GB 41

- headache- ST 8, taiyang

- sore throat- Lu 11 & LI 1 (bleed)

Toxic Heat invades the Heart and Liver

possible convulsions

Acupuncture – Du 26, Jing-well (bleed), PC 8, 9, KI 1

Pathogen stagnated in Liver meridian

P/T – purge Liver Gallbladder Heat, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture – foot Jueyin & Shaoyang, LR 1, GB 41 & LR 8 (jueyin Heat), ST 29, 30

- fever- LI 11, Du 14, PC 9

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- face, cheek, subcortex, apex, bleed painful points

Deng Xin Cao- direct moxa technique on SJ 20

Acupuncture Treatment for Morning sickness

Morning Sickness

During the first trimester of pregnancy, between the 5th and 12th week, woman experiences some degree of nausea. If it is severe the woman may have aversion to food, or vomiting. These women may be stressed out and always feeling sick.

Note: needling is always done with gentle stimulation, 2 points per person is usually enough, never insert deeply, stay away from low abdomen.

Disharmony between Liver and Stomach

vomit up bitter fluids, stressed out, hypochondriac fullness/pain

P/T – soothe Liver, harmonize Stomach, descend Qi

Acupuncture – sedate, hand and foot Jueyin, foot Yangming, PC 6, Ren 17, LR 3, Ren 12, ST 36

- vomit bitter fluids- GB 34

Spleen Stomach deficiency

clear fluids, poor diet and digestion, fatigue, loose stools, pale complexion

P/T – regulate and strengthen Spleen

Acupuncture – Tonify, moxa, foot Taiyin & Yangming, ST 36, Ren 12, PC 6, SP 4


vomit Phlegm-fluids, sweet sticky mouth, no appetite, chest/abdominal fullness, bloating, T- swollen with white greasy coat, P- slippery

P/T – regulate Qi, transform Phlegm, harmonize Stomach, relieve vomit

Acupuncture – moxa, neutral, foot Taiyin & Yangming, SP 9 & ST 40, KI 21, Ren 12, ST 36, PC 6, Ren 17

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- LR, ST, Shenmen

Usually 2-4 thirty-five minute treatments within one week will show great improvement in the nausea and vomiting. For more intense cases of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, 3-4 treatments within one week will help determine prognosis, and 4-6 treatments within 10-14 days will determine whether or not acupuncture will play a successful role in the treatment of the condition.

Also try...
Vitamin B6 - up to 50mg - 4X/day has been used.
Nux-Vomica homeopathic medicine.
Ginger tea

Acupuncture Treatment for Metrorrhagia (bleeding between periods)

Metrorrhagia (bleeding between periods)

Metrostaxis (trickling) and Menorrhagia (flooding)

Heat in the Blood

Acupuncture – SP 1, 6, 10, LI 11

- constipation, scanty yellow urine- ST 25, HT 8

- red face, dizziness- KI 2, LR 2

Qi deficiency

Acupuncture – Ren 6, BL 23, ST 36, Du 20, SP 1

Kidney Qi deficiency

Acupuncture – BL 23, SP 1, 6, Ren 4, Zi Gong

Blood Stasis in Uterus

fibroids, endometriosis

Acuppuncture – Ren 3, SP 1, 6, 10, ST 30, BL 17

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- internal reproductive organs, LR, KI, SP, endocrine, subcortex, Shenmen

scalp- reproductive areas

injection- B12

Acupuncture Treatment for Menopause


Kidney Yin deficiency

Rx – BL 23 & KI 3, SP 6, Ren 3, HT 7, Si Shen Cong

- irritable- PC 7

Kidney Yang deficiency

Rx – BL 23, Ren 4, Du 4, with moxa, BL 15, SP 6

- poor digestion- BL 20, ST 36

- insomnia- HT 7

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- endocrine, aubcortex, internal repro. organs, *KI, HT, Shenmen, sympathetic, LR

Acupuncture Treatment for Melancholy

Melancholy - Yu Zheng

Depression, easily worries, anxiety, emotionally un-stable, possible plum pit syndrome, fullness in chest and hypochondriac regions.

Differentiate between Dian and Kuang disorders which are longer in duration than melancholic states.

Liver Qi Stagnation

Distended pain, belching, sighing

P/T – soothe liver, regulate qi to relieve Yu Syndrome.

Acupuncture – foot jue yin, foot shao yang meridians

LR 14 (front MU), LR 3 (Yuan Primary) , GB 34, SJ 6, PC 6, ST 36, Ren 17(Qi stag)

Sore Throat – Ren 21, LU 11

Qi Stagnation turning to Fire

Red eyes, acid refulux, anger, irritable

PT – purge liver fire and relive Yu syndrome.

Acupuncture – foot jue yin, foot yang ming meridians

LR 14, LR 2 (Ying Spring), GB 34, SJ 6, ST 44

Vomiting fluids – GB 24

Nauseous feeling – Ren 12, ST 41

Worry and depression injuring Shen

Poor concentration, poor sleep, crying, sadness, angry, tight chest, poor appetite, heart deficiency with emotional stagnation, un-stable emotions with a “foggy mind”

PT – nourish Heart, calm spirit

Acupuncture- hand shao yin and foot tai yin meridians

HT 7, 5, PC 6, Ren 17, BL 15, SP 6, ST 36

Easily shocked – BL 18, 19

Deficiency of Heart and Spleen

Palpitations, poor appetite, dizziness, fatigue, fullness in chest, easily sweat, insomnia, poor memory

P- thin, wiry

PT – nourish heart and strengthen spleen to calm spirit

Acupuncture- hand shao yin and foot tai yin meridians and back shu points.

HT 7, BL 15, 20, SP 6, ST 36, Ren 12, LR 13

Stagnation – LR 3, PC 6

Kidney Yin deficiency with deficiency Heart Fire

More chronic melancholy, insomnia, anger with kidney yin deficiency symptoms.

PT – nourish yin, clear heat and calm heart and spirit.

Acupuncture – foot shao yin, foot tai yin and hand shao yin

SP 6, KD 3, LR 3, HT 7, BL 15, 23

Irritability – GB 34, Si Shen Chong (4 pts on head)

Alternative Treatment Methods

Auricular – shen men, sympathetic, endocrine, heart , kidney

Injection – vit B1 or Dan Shen to GB 20, PC 6 , BL 15

Acupuncture Treatment for Mania (psychosis)

Kuang – Manic Psychosis (mania)

Everything is excess, loud, anger, violent, laughing – phlegm fire blocking the heart cavities

Phlegm Fire attacking Mind

Doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, violent, red complexion

T – red, yellow greasy coat, P – wiry, slippery, big

PT – purge liver fire, eliminate phlegm and calm heart

Acupuncture- DU meridian, foot jue yin meridian, Du 26, PC 8, ST 40, LR 2, 3, Ren 13

Constipation- SJ 6, ST 25

Hyperactive Fire with Yin injury

Usually second stage, irritable, angry, easily shocked, doesn’t feel safe, insecure

T – geographic yellow greasy coat with cracks

PT – purge Fire, nourish yin and calm mind

Acupuncture – HT 7, PC 7, SP 6, KI 4, ST 40, Ren 13

Qi and Blood Stagnation

Angry, irritable, loud talking, delusions, hallucinations, pain in chest, palpitations, fullness in chest, dark- dull complexion, T – purple dots, P – uneven

PT – promote circulation, remove blood stasis to open mind

Acupuncture- hand shao yin and Du meridian, Du 26, HT 7, PC 7, LR 3, LI 4, SP 10, BL 17

- Delusion – SI 19, BL 1

- Palpitations – PC 6

Alternative Treatment Methods

electrical – Du 26 – Du 20, Du 16 – Du 14(extreme caution)

Scalp acupuncture – motor area

Acupuncture Treatment for Malposition of fetus

Malposition of Fetus (breech presentation)
Treat after 30 or more weeks if the fetus has not turned. Keep close watch to see if turning is happening. Treat continuously for 3 days, after this time if the fetus is not moving, the treatment will not work.

Qi and Blood deficiency
Acupuncture – mild moxa, *no needles, foot Taiyang and Yangming, *BL 67, 23, ST 36

Liver Qi stagnation
Acupuncture – mainly moxa, foot Taiyang and Jueyin, *BL 67, 18, LR 3, ST 36

Alternative Treatment Methods
electrical- ST 36, BL 67, 10-15 minutes (medium stimulation) on the 1st day, 15-20 minutes on the 2nd day, 20-25 minutes on the 3rd day.

Acupuncture Treatment for Malnutrition


Gan Qi

P/T – invigorate the Spleen and Stomach to remove food stagnation

Acupuncture – Shu, Mu, foot Taiyin & Yangming, Ren 12, LR 13, BL 20, 21, ST 36, SP 4, Si Feng

Gan Ji

chronic Spleen Stomach Qi and Blood deficiency, severe distended abdomen, yellow complexion, loss of hair, may be parasitic infections

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Yangming, Ren 6, 12, 17, ST 25, LR 13, Bai Cong Wo (1 cun above SP 10)

Dry Gan

late stage, no fat or muscle left on child, skin looks old, may have edema, subcutaneous blleding

Acupuncture – Shu, Mu, BL 17, 18, 20, 23, Ren 4, ST 36, SP 6

- promote digestion- Ren 12, ST 25

- edema- SP 9

- bleeding- SP 10

Alternative Treatment Methods

7 star- Hua Tou Jia Ji & Bladder meridian, gently, do not bleed. Do this daily.

Diet and exercise

Acupuncture Treatment for Male infertility

Male Infertility - Men's Reproductive Health

Try to conceive for 2 years with no result and there is nothing wrong with the woman. Low sperm counts, or high concentrations of abnormally shaped sperm, & slow motility.
In approx. 40 percent of infertility cases, sperm abnormalities are either a factor or the factor.

Male Infertility is assessed on the following:
# Sperm Count (less than 10 million per milliliter)
# Volume (more than 2 ml per ejaculate)
# Sperm motility (over 50% should be motile and show forward movement)
# Sperm morphology (more than 5% should be of normal shape)

The average ejaculate has about 200 million sperm. Only a few sperm actually reach the egg. This shows how the odds are played against a man with poor sperm quality. Although, there are ways to imporve sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Causes of Male Infertility
Sperm has to be made in the testes, travel through the spermatic ducts, and find the egg.

Radiation, environmental toxins, undescended testis, varicocele, traumatic injury, infectious injury, testicular atrophy, drug effects, prolonged fever, certain endocrine disorders, congenital abnormalities, past surgery in the lower abdomen, tight underwear, poor diet, antihypertensives, antiinflamatories, antihistamines, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, and cocaine, all have a large effect on sperm health and male fertility.

A man may also produce antibodies to his own sperm, this means that the immune system attacks the tails of the sperm that they are producing. Sometimes the woman produces antibodies toward her partners sperm, they generally attack the head of the sperm.

Diagnosis of Male Infertility
Medical history will be taken; childhood disease, undescended testes, mumps, sexual disease.
Structural abnormalities will be examined; varicocele (swelling of the scrotum), size and shape of testes.
Secondary sex characteristics will be evaluated.
Hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism, adrenal disorders, hypogonadism, diabetes, and other endocrine disorders will be checked for.
2-3 specimens of sperm will be needed for a proper evaluation. Volume and other characteristics vary from time to time. The semen should look somewhat viscous and opaque. The volume should be between 1-5 ml (remember that one shot of alcohol is 30 ml). There should be over 20 million sperm per ml of semen.

Sperm is evaluated into the following categories;
# adequate
# aspermia (absence of ejaculate)
# azoospermia (absence of sperm in semen)
# oligospermia (lowered sperm density)
# poor motility and forward movement
# high percent of abnormal sperm morphology
# antisperm antibodies

Surgery may be needed. Although, many sperm abnormalities and male fertility problems can be effectively treated with diet and lifestyle changes, avoiding what can be harmful, supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

TCM - *Kidney disorder, Liver depression Qi stagnation, Heart and Spleen

Kidney Yang deficiency
low libido, weak ejaculation, impotence, seminal emission, low sperm count, slow motility,
Yang deficiency symptoms (coldness, fatigue, pale bright face, copious clear urine)
Acupuncture – tonify, Ren, Du, Shu, Moxa, BL 23, Du 4, Ren 4, SP 6

Kidney Yin deficiency
seminal emission, slow mobility, low count, thick sticky semen from Heat &/or lack of fluids,
Kidney Yin deficiency symptoms (nights sweats, anxiety, irritable, fidgety)
Acupuncture – Ren 4, KI 3, 6, BL 52, LR 3

Liver Qi stagnation
Liver meridian blockage in the local area (genital) makes it difficult to ejaculate, related with impotence and low libido,
Liver Qi stagnation symptoms (emotional and physical)
Acupuncture – tonify and sedate, Ren 4 & 2 (invigorate Yang), BL 23 & SP 6, LR 3 & PC 6, GB 34 (tendons), ST 36, Ren 12

Damp/Heat in low Jiao
alcohol and diet leads to this condition, generally overweight, sperm count is low, may be sperm deformities, Damp/Heat symptoms (scanty urine, fullness in hypogastrium
Acupuncture – BL 28 & Ren 3 (diuresis), SP 6, 9, BL 23, 32, Ren 2

Qi and Blood deficiency
worry, over-thinking, stress, chronic illness, impotence, low sperm count, short sperm life, slow mobility,
Heart and Spleen deficiency symptoms
Acupuncture – Ren 4, 6, ST 36, SP 6, BL 23, HT 7

Alternative Treatment Methods
*auricular- internal (Nei Sheng Zhi Qi) and external (Wai Sheng Zhi Qi) reproductive points, subcortex, endocrine, shenmen, *KI, LR, HT, SP

Acupuncture Treatment for Malaria


Caused by the protozoa Plasmodium. Characterized by fever initiated by severe rigor. Infections or attacks are recurrent and intermittent characterized by alternating chills and high fever (1/2 internal ½ external – shaoyang) then break sweat and fever breaks. May be in cycles of 1 day to months.

TCM – accumulation of pathogen in Shaoyang meridian, the pathogen hides in Ying level, when Zheng Qi is strong it pushes the pathogen out to Wei level causing the above symptoms, patient then breaks sweat and weakens the Zheng Qi but the pathogen goes into remission.


headache, dizziness, bitter taste, alternation of chills and fever, nausea, hypochondriac fullness

P/T – harmonize and regulate Shaoyang to prevent attack and expel pathogen

Rx – Du, shaoyang, *Du 14 (all Yang meet, prevent attack), SI 3, SJ 3, *PC 5 (Luo relationship)

Summer Heat

more fever, may be no chills at all, sticky sweat that does not break fever, headache, thirst,

achy joints, T- red with yellow coat, P- wiry rapid

P/T – clear Heat, expel pathogen

Rx – Du, hand yangming and shaoyang, *Du 14 & Du 13, LI 11, SJ 5, SI 3, BL 40 (clear Heat)

- excess fever then feel cold – SP 4 (Chong, chest abdomen heart)

Summer Damp (more Damp/Cold)

more cold and less fever, may be cold with no fever, headache, heavy aching, no thirst, hypochondriac/chest fullness, fatigue, T- white slippery coat

P/T – warm to expel Cold

Rx – Du, foot yangming, Du 14, 9 (invigorate Yang Qi), Ren 6, 12, ST 36, BL 20, *PC 5 (internal/external relationship with shaoyang), SP 4, PC 6 (Spleen and Stomach Qi deficiency)

Zheng Qi deficiency with residual pathogen

chronic Malaria, when fatigued get attacks, not as severe alternating chills and fever, hypochondriac lump/enlargement (Liver/Spleen are the mothers of Malaria), yellow dull complexion, emaciated, short of breath, palpitations, spontaneous sweat,

T- pale with scanty coat, P- thin weak

P/T – regulate and tonify Qi and Blood, remove stagnation, dissolve hardness

Rx – Du, foot taiyang and yangming, BL 20, LR 3, ST 36, SP 6 (Qi and blood), Pigen (3.5 cun bilateral to L1) and LR 13 (Spleen/Liver enlargement) electro stimulation, Du 13 (expel pathogen and tonify deficiency)

- poor sleep – HT 7

- hypochondriac pain – SJ 6, GB 34

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – adrenal, subcortex, endocrine, SP, LR

Acupuncture Treatment for Loss of consciousness

Loss of Consciousness (Jue Zheng)

Suddenly fainting with cold limbs.

Western medicine – stroke, sunstroke, kidney failure, severe dysentery, food poisoning, diabetes

TCM – disharmony between Yin & Yang, Qi circulation is irregular.

type 1 (Jue) – Qi stagnation blocks clear cavities (tense, closed, Jue)

type 2 (Tuo) – sinking Qi cannot rise to clear cavities (collapse, open, shock, Tuo)

Etiology and Pathogenesis

1. External pathogenic invasion disrupts mind

2. Yin deficiency leads to hyperactive Yang rising, Qi and blood shoots upward, patient loses consciousness.

3. Turbid Phlegm accumulation causing Heat which blocks the clear cavities.

4. Qi and blood deficiency, acute or chronic, not enough nutrients to clear cavities.

Differentiation and Treatment

Jue (tense, closed)

faint, loss of consciousness with tense features (closed fists, lockjaw), heavy breathing, Phlegm wheezing sound from throat, spasms, urine and stool retention, T- greasy coat, P- wiry rapid

P/T – eliminate Phlegm, open meridians and clear cavities, revive mind, rescue consciousness

Acupuncture Rx – Du, hand jueyin, 1st needle Du 26, 20, PC 8, 9 (to open cavities), then open 4 gates – LI 4 to SI 3, LR 3 to KI 1.

- fever – Du 14, LI 11

- wheezing & heavy breathing – Ren 22, ST 40

- lockjaw – ST 6, Ren 24

- spasm – Du 8, SI 3

- retention of urine and stool – SJ 6, Ren 3, ST 25

Tuo (collapse, open, shock)

loss of consciousness, pale complexion or pale after a flush of redness, weak breathin, mouth and hands open, oily cold sweat, cold limbs, urinary and bowel incontinence, low blood pressure, P- weak, Yin and Yang separate, Qi and blood collapse.

P/T – rescue patient, strongly tonify Yang and Qi.

Acupuncture Rx – Ren, Du, needle and moxa, Ren 4, 6, 8 (moxa only), Du 20, 25, 26, ST 36,

*strong stimulation, use heavy moxa with salt until patient is revived, mostly Ren 8 & 20.

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – Heart, brain, sympathetic, Shenmen

electro – PC 8 & KI 1, strong rapid frequency

Acupuncture Treatment for Long Bi (urinary retention)

Long Bi (retention, difficult urination)

Western Medicine – CNS disorders, prostate, UTI, anorectal disorders, kidney problems

TCM – Bladder and San Jiao disorders


blocks the transformation function of the Bladder causing retention and fullness, dry mouth with no desire to drink

Acupuncture – Shu, Mu, foot Taiyin, BL 28 & Ren 3, SP 6 & 9

- irritable- PC 6

- loss of consciousness- Du 26, PC 9 (bleed)

- toxic Heat- LU 5 & 11 (bleed)

Liver Qi stagnation

emotional shock, anxiety, fear

Acupuncture – LR 3 & LI 4 (4 gates), Ren 3 & ST 29

- hypochondriac pain- SJ 6

- bitter taste- PC 7

Blood Stasis

from surgery or injury, thin stream or no urine, low abdominal pain

Acupuncture – Ren 6 (Qihai) & SP 10 (Xuehai), BL 28 & Ren 3

- severe pain- ST 25, LR 3

Kidney deficiency

Ming Men Fire deficiency- can’t warm the Bladder to transform water, or chronic low Jiao Damp/Heat leading to Kidney deficiency, patient feels like they should urinate but there is no energy or force to do so

Acupuncture – Moxa, Ren 4 & Du 4, BL 23, 28, ST 36

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- BL, KI, urinary tract, SJ

electrical- GB 28 or ST 28 transverse subcutaneous to Ren 3, alternate fast and slow frequencies or intermittent

herbal application- mash fresh garlic clove (or Cong Bai) and mix with salt, put on Ren 8 and apply heavy moxa

massage- gentle warming techniques

Acupuncture Treatment for Lochia retention

Lochia Retention

Postpartum vaginal bleeding is scanty accompanied by low Jiao pain or distension.

Cold Pathogen invasion leading to Blood Stasis

scanty vaginal bleeding, cold pain in lower abdomen, whitish blue complexion, generally cold symptoms, aversion to cold, T- purple, P- deep tense

P/T – warm meridian, expel cold, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture – Ren 3 & Ren 8 (moxa), ST 30, SP 8

Qi and Blood stagnation

emotional factors involved, stressed, angry, depressed, scanty vaginal bleeding, abdominal distension with milder pain than above pattern, Liver Qi stagnation symptoms

P/T – regulate Liver Qi, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture – LR 3, Ren 6, SP 10

- pain/distension- SJ 6, GB 34 (soothe Liver Qi)

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- internal reproductive organs, LR, adrenal gland, sympathetic, subcortex, Shenmen

Acupuncture Treatment for Lin Zheng (urinary problems)

Lin Zheng (urinary syndromes, Urinary tract infections)

Classically there are five Lin Zheng, although six are now recognized: Stone, Qi, Chyluria, Chronic Lao, Re (Heat), Xue (blood).

Re (Heat)

P/T – induce diuresis, clear heat

Acupuncture – sedate, foot Taiyang & Jueyin, Mu, Shu, *BL 28 & *Ren 3 (for all Lin), SP 9 (primary points to induce diuresis), LR 2 (pain and Heat)

- acute onset symptoms- LI 4, SJ 6


P/T – clear Heat, induce diuresis

Acupuncture – neutral, foot Taiyang and Shaoyin, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 54 toward ST 28 (3 cun lateral to Du mai, 3rd sacral vertebrae), BL 39, KI 10

- acute attack of pain- Du 26

- Kidney Yin deficiency- BL 23, KI 3

- Qi deficiency- ST 36, Ren 6

Liver Qi stagnation

P/T – sooth and regulate Liver Qi

Acupuncture – neutral, tonify Shu, sedate Mu, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 54 toward ST 28, BL 18, LR 14, PC 5 (ghost)

Spleen Qi deficiency

P/T – tonify mid Jiao Qi

Acupuncture - neutral, tonify Shu, sedate Mu, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 54 toward ST 28, Ren 4, ST 36, BL 20

Xue (blood)

excess Damp/Heat, or, Qi or Yin deficiency

P/T – stop bleeding

Acupuncture – neutral, BL 28 & Ren 3, SP 6, 10

- purge Heart Fire- PC 8, HT 8

- Kidney Qi deficiency- KI 6, 7

- Spleen Qi deficiency- ST 36, Ren 6

Chyluria (cloudy)

greasy cloudy urine caused by excess Damp/Heat, or, Kidney Spleen deficiency

Acupuncture - foot Taiyang & Taiyin, BL 28 & Ren 3, Du 4 (Kidney Qi, astringe Essence), SP 6 & 9 (ascend clear Qi, descend turbid Qi)

Lao chronic

disorder recurs when patient is feeling low or fatigued

Acupuncture – foot Yangming, Taiyin, Shu, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 20, 21, 23, Du 4, Ren 4, ST 36

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- BL, KI, sympathetic, occipital, adrenal

electrical- good for Stone pain, SP 6, BL 61, 23 (bladder stones), BL 54 toward ST 28, ashi points, BL 28 & GB 25 (kidney stones), medium-strong stimulation

7 star- effective for prostatitis, L2-S5, Spleen and Stomach meridians

Acupuncture Treatment for Leukorrhea (vaginal discharge)

Leukorrhea (vaginal discharge)

Accumulation of Damp with Spleen deficiency

Acupuncture – Ren 6, BL 30, GB 26, BL 20 & SP 6

- poor digestion- Ren 12, ST 25

- low limb edema- SP 9, ST 36

Kidney Yin deficiency

Acupuncture – BL 23 & KI 3, SP 6, BL 32 & GB 26 (stop discharge)

- dizziness, palpitation, insomnia- LR 3, HT 7

Kidney Yang deficiency

Acupuncture – BL 23, Du 4, Ren 4, GB 26 & BL 32, ST 36

- abdominal cold pain- moxa Zi Gong, Ren 3

Damp/Heat in low Jiao

Acupuncture – Ren 3, BL 32 & GB 26, SP 9

- itch, burning vagina- LR 5, GB 43

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- internal reproductive organs, adrenal, SJ, SP, LR, KI, Shenmen

Acupuncture Treatment for Late periods (menses)

Late periods

35+ day cycle for three months consecutively. Caution should be taken when a patient is usually regular and is suddenly late, this may indicate pregnancy.

Stagnated Cold in Blood (Uterus)

could be caused by deficient (Kidney Yang) or excess (Yin or external cold). Blood is usually dark with clots, pain that is eased by warmth, T- pale. Deficiency cases are relieved by lower abdominal massage/pressure, and excess strongly dislikes the idea of local pressure.

P/T – warm Yang to expel cold, promote circulation of blood

Acupuncture – the same points are used for either excess or deficiency Cold patterns, treatment is distinguished by the method of manipulation used, moxa is recommended, Ren, Du, Ren 4 (primary points to tonify Yuan Qi), Du 4 (root of Yuan Qi), BL17 & SP 10 (move blood), SP 6

- excess, dislike massage- ST 25, 29

- deficiency, like massage- BL 23

Rx – Wen Jing Tang (excess), You Gui Wan, Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (deficiency)

Blood deficiency

pale scanty menses, pale dry skin and lips, blurred vision, dizziness, insomnia (trouble getting to sleep), palpitations, pale brittle nails, stiff tendons, forgetful, may have anxiety, someone who may be kind to others but not to themselves, palpitations, numbness in the limbs, T- pale, P- thin

P/T – nourish blood & fill Chong to regulate menses

Acupuncture – tonify, Shu, BL 17, 18, 23, Ren 4, KI 6, 13 (Chong connection), SP 6, 10

Rx – Gui Pi Tang, Ba Zhen Tang, Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang, Da Bu Yuan Jian, Xiao Ying Jian

Liver Qi stagnation

delayed periods with clots, patient is stressed out, experiences PMS, breast tenderness, mood swings, depression, hypochondriac pain or fullness, frequent sighing, ‘Plum-pit’ syndrome, psychological feelings of being easily frustrated, a sense of being held down, digestive complaints, T- may be normal or have slight purple or red colour on the sides, P- wiry

P/T – soothe Liver Qi flow, invigorate blood

Acupuncture – foot Jueyin, LR 3, 5, 14, SP 6, 8, 10, Zi Gong, SP 4 on the right & PC 6 on the left

Rx – Xiao Yao San, Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- Nei Shen Zhi Qi (internal reproductive), endocrine, subcortex, LR, SP, KI, Yuan Zhong

scalp- human reproductive system (electro)

injection- Dang Gui, Dan Shen @ Zi Gong, 0.5ml daily for six days to stimulate ovulation