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Acupuncture Treatment for Indigestion


Food stagnation, either with strong digestion (just eat too much), or with Spleen deficiency and eat too much.

Excess Food stagnation

P/T – invigorate Spleen and Stomach digestive functions

Acupuncture – foot Yangming, Ren 6, 12, ST 21, 25, 36, Si Feng, Li Nei Ting

Food stagnation with Spleen deficiency

P/T – Tonify and invigorate Spleen and Stomach

Acupuncture – same as above, add BL 20, 21, SP 3 (yuan)

Alternative Treatment Methods

7 star- Hua Tou Jia Ji, Bladder meridian

Tuina massage

Acupuncture Treatment for Impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Impotence (erectile dysfunction)
The term erectile dysfunction covers a range of disorders, including curvature of the penis during erection (Peyronie's disease), prolonged painful erection not associated with sexual desire (priapism) and premature ejaculation. But usually it refers to the inability to obtain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual activity (impotence).

When erectile dysfunction proves to be a pattern or a persistent problem, however, it can interfere with a man's self-image as well as his sexual life. It may also be a sign of a physical or emotional problem that requires treatment.

Erectile dysfunction, formerly called impotence, was once a taboo subject. But attitudes are changing. More men are seeking help for the problem, and healthcare professionals are gaining a better understanding of what causes erectile dysfunction and are finding new and better ways to treat it such as acupuncture and herbal therapies.

Specific steps take place to produce and sustain an erection:
# Arousal. The first step is sexual arousal, which men obtain from the senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell, and from thoughts.
# Nervous system response. The brain communicates the sexual excitation to the body's nervous system, which activates increased blood flow to the penis.
# Blood vessel response. A relaxing action occurs in the blood vessels that supply the penis, allowing more blood to flow into the shafts that produce the erection.

If something affects any of these factors or the delicate balance among them, erectile dysfunction can result.

Nonphysical causes may account for impotence. They may include:
Psychological problems. The most common nonphysical causes are stress, anxiety and fatigue. Impotence is also an occasional side effect of psychological problems such as depression.
Negative feelings. Feelings that you express toward your sexual partner — or that are expressed by your sexual partner — such as resentment, hostility or lack of interest also can be a factor in erectile dysfunction.

Although most men experience episodes of erectile dysfunction from time to time, you can take these steps to decrease the likelihood of occurrences:

# Limit or avoid the use of alcohol and other similar drugs.
# Stop smoking.
# Exercise regularly.
# Reduce stress.
# Get enough sleep.
# Deal with anxiety or depression.
# See your doctor for regular checkups and medical screening tests.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
Treatment for erectile dysfunction has been a successful part of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for hundreds of years. If you are experiencing any of the conditions related to erectile dysfunction traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help. Private and confidential, male reproductive health with Spence Pentland.

TCM – Kidney disorder
Ming Men Fire deficiency
Kidney Yang and Essence deficiency, premature graying, poor memory, coldness, do not age well, incontinence
Acupuncture – tonify, Ren, Du, Moxa and needle, Ren 3, 4, SP 6, BL 23, Du 4
- seminal emission- Du 3
- dizziness- Du 20, GB 20
- post heaven Qi- ST 36

Kidney Qi injured by shock
shock during sex, or chronic Kidney Qi deficiency inducing fear, poor sleep
Acupuncture – Du 20, Si Shen Cong (calm spirit), HT 7, BL 23, Du 4, Ren 4, SP 6, PC 5 (ghost), GB 20

Low Jiao Damp/Heat
Acupuncture – Ren, foot Jueyin, LR 3 & GB 43 (purge LR GB Damp/Heat), SP 6, Ren 3, KI 10 (purge, diuresis)
- water metabolism- SP 9
- upper thigh Liver points- LR 10, 11, 12

Heart Spleen deficiency
fatigue, overwork, overstressed, palpitations, poor digestion, pale face
Acupuncture – BL 15, 20, LR 13, ST 36 & SP 6, Ren 4
palpitations- HT 7, PC 6, 7

Alternative Treatment Methods
*auricular- internal (Nei Sheng Zhi Qi) and external (Wai Sheng Zhi Qi) reproductive points, subcortex, endocrine, shenmen, *KI, LR, HT, SP
electrical- BL 23 & 32, Ren 3, 4, alternating frequency

Acupuncture Treatment for Hypochondriac pain

Hypochondriac pain

One or both sides of the torso have pain.

Western medicine – hepatitis, Gallbladder pleura infections, intercostals neuralgia (more common in women)

TCM – controlled by Liver (Qi stagnation, emotions), may also be caused by injury or Blood Stasis, Damp/Heat i.e. jaundice, poor diet, or Liver Yin deficiency.


Liver Qi stagnation, Blood Stasis, Damp/Heat

P/T – soothe Liver Gallbladder to remove stagnation from Jing Luo

Acupuncture – sedate, foot jueyin and shaoyang, LR 14, 3, SJ 6, GB 34 (soothe Liver Gallbladder), ST 36

- nausea – Ren 12

- Blood Stasis – BL 17, SP 6, 21

- Damp/Heat – PC 6, Ren 12, ST 44


Yin deficiency, intermittent dull pain that is worse with activity and fatigue

P/T – nourish Yin, soothe Liver

Acupuncture – tonify and sedate, foot jueyin, Shu, BL 18, 23, LR 14 & 2 (soothe Liver Qi, deficient Heat),

ST 36 & SP 6 (Produce Qi and blood)

- dizziness – Du 20, GB 20

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – LR, GB, shenmen, chest, medium to strong stimulation

injection – Hua Tou Jia Ji with corresponding painful ribs, keep needle just above where sensation occurs and inject vitamin B12 or 10% glucose

electro – add to points chosen, continuous mild frequency, 10-15 minutes

7 star – on ashi points (Blood Stasis) then cup, also try scrapping

Acupuncture Treatment for High Fever

High Fever

39 degrees or higher.

Western medicine – acute infection, epidemic febrile disease, rheumatism, cancer, others.

TCM – Excessive Heat

Etiology and Pathogenesis

Main etiology and pathogenesis is external pathogenic invasion with the Zheng Qi fighting back causing fever.

1. Wind/Heat – Lung can’t move Wei Qi properly.

2. Epidemic febrile Heat pathogen – invades Qi or Ying level.

3. Summer-Heat – invades Pericardium

4. Toxic Heat – epidemic contagious pathogen

Differentiation and Treatment


fever, sweat, sore throat, scanty urine, dry stool, T- red, P- rapid

P/T – expel Wind/Heat, promote Lung function, relieve superficial.

Acupuncture – hand taiyin, yangming, LU 5 (son), 10 ying-spring), LI 4 (ext patho), 11 (heat),

SJ 5 (ext patho), Du 14 (heat)

- cough – LU 7

- headache – Du 20, yintang, taiyang

- sore throat – LU 11, LI 1

Epidemic febrile

Wei level: treat same as above

Qi level: internal excess yangming heat, 4 big

P/T – clear Heat, purge Fire

Acupuncture – LI 2 & ST 44 (ying-spring), LI 11 & Du 14 (Heat), ST 40 (Luo, remove stag.),

LI 4 (ext patho, heat)

Ying & Xue level: excess fever at night, bleeding, eruptions.

P/T – clear Fire

Acupuncture Rx – HT 9 & PC 9 (jing-well heat), HT 7 & PC 7 (yuan-source clear & calm), PC 6 (Luo to SJ, transforms Qi), PC 3 (he-sea, blood heat, bleed)

Severe: convulsions, very high fever

Acupuncture Rx – Du 26 & shi xuan (convulsion), SJ 6 & ST 25 (constipation), SP 10 (eruptions), BL 17 (bleeding)


sunstroke, stagnation, burnt muscles or skin, red complexion, thirst, dry lips, attacks of Heart Shen causes loss of consiousness, irritable, attacks of Pericardium can produce Wind (spasm), if there is dampness nausea, yellow urine and irregular bowel movements can occur, T- red, dry with yellow coat, P- forceful, strong

P/T – purge summer-heat, open orifices

Acupuncture Rx – hand yangming, jueyin, LI 4 (heat), PC 3, 9, & BL 40 (bleeding), PC 6 (nausea)

Toxic Heat

severe (i.e. meningitis), excess fever, severe feelings of heat, severe sore throat (ulcerated and painful), irritable, eruptions

P/T – clear Heat, detoxify

Acupuncture Rx – yangming, LI 4, 11, ST 44, & 43 (heat and muscle heat), PC 3 & BL 40 (bleeding)

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – bleed apex and earlobe tips, shenmen, adrenal gland

- for children bleed fingertips or ear

scraping – cubital and popliteal fossa, neck, Bladder meridian, (this gets blood moving faster to its

capillaries to help body expel fever.

points injection – Chai Hu

Acupuncture Treatment for Hiccup


Stomach Qi rebelling. More related to Cold, and overeating. Stomach and Lung are involved.

Western medicine – GI neurosis, gastritis. late stage cirrhosis, brain and kidney disorders, GI disorders in general can all cause the diaphragm to spasm. When a chronic severe disorder shows hiccups the prognosis is not good.

Accumulation of Cold in Stomach

deep long forceful hiccup, pain in Stomach (discomfort) is relieved by warmth and induced by cold, T- white moist coat, P- slow

P/T – warm mid Jiao, expel Cold, descend Stomach Qi

Acupuncture Rx – sedate, moxa, foot yangming, hand jueyin, *Ren 22 (descend Qi), *PC 6 (Yin wei opens chest & diaphragm), *BL 17 (ge shu), *ST 36, Ren 12, LR 13, BL 20, 21, Ren 4

- nausea, vomit, acid reflux – ST 21

Stomach Fire up-surging

loud clear forceful hiccups, bad breath, thirst for cold drinks, dry stools and/or constipation,

P- slippery rapid, T- red, with yellow coat

P/T – clear and purge Stomach Fire, descend Stomach Qi

Acupuncture Rx – foot yangming, hand jueyin, *Ren 22, *BL 17, *ST 36, *PC 6, ST 25, 44, LI 4,

SP 4 & PC 4 (nausea- Chong)

- bitter taste or dry mouth – ST 43

Qi and Phlegm stagnation

continuous hard to stop hiccups (can sometimes lead to vomiting), induced by emotional stress, poor appetite, nausea, gas, belching, chest fullness, T- thin greasy coat, P- wiry slippery

Liver attack Spleen that causes Phlegm.

P/T – regulate Qi, transform Phlegm, harmonize Stomach Qi

Acupuncture Rx – foot yangming, both jueyin, *Ren 22, *PC 6, *ST 36, *BL 17, LR 14, GB 43, ST 40, GB 34

- dizziness – Du 20, GB 20

Spleen Stomach Yang deficiency

deep weak low tone hiccup, pale face, cold limbs, poor appetite, fatigue, cold body,

P- deep thin, T- white coat

P/T – warm mid Jiao, harmonize Stomach Qi

Acupuncture Rx – tonify, moxa, foot yangming, hand jueyin, *Ren 22, *PC 6, *ST 36, * BL 17, Ren 12,

BL 20, 21, Ren 6

- cold lower back – Ren 4 & 8 (moxa and needle)

Stomach Yin deficiency

short intermittent quick hiccups, dry mouth and tongue, irritable, dry stool, T- red, cracked, scanty dry coat, P- thin rapid

P/T – nourish Stomach Yin and fluids, descend Stomach Qi

Acupuncture Rx – tonify, *Ren 22, *PC 6, *ST 36, *BL 17, 21, Ren 12, KI 3 or 6

- poor appetite – Ren 10, SP 3

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – mid ear, shenmen, subcortex, ST LR SP

tricks – try to make person sneeze, shock them, hold breath, drink appropriate temperature water, push on eyeball, push with thumb on BL 2 for 5 minutes, SI 11 for 5 minutes, push down on Ren 22 for 1 minute while person holds breath, push SJ 17 until it hurts

scalp acupuncture – St region, chest region

electro – Ren 12, ST 36

moxa – direct

injection – vitamin B1 in Hua tou from T5-T7, BL 17, ren 12, ST 36, PC 6, Ren 22

*Always perform treatment from head to toe (top to bottom) to bring down Qi

Acupuncture Treatment for Headache

Headache – Tou Feng

Certain area or whole head pain that can correspond to many characteristics, lasting minutes to months. Caused by both internal and external pathogenic factors.

Western Medicine- neurovascular, high blood pressure

External Pathogenic invasion

P/T – treat the same as common cold except factor in location differences.

Acupuncture – vertex: Du 20, LR 2, BL 7, frontal: Du 23, ST 8, 43, occipital: BL 10, 60, Du 19,

temporal: GB 20, 43, taiyang

Liver Yang rising

Throbbing and/or stabbing, feeling of heat on the face, red eyes, tinnitus with headache, thirst, irritable, T- red with thin yellow coat, P- wiry

P/T – descend Liver Yang, extinguish Wind

Acupuncture – foot Jueyin and Shaoyang, GB 4-5, 20, *40, LR 3, ashi points

- dizziness- Si Shen Cong

Turbid Phlegm

Throbbing heavy headache, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, chest fullness, tendency to be overweight, T- greasy, P- wiry slippery

P/T – transform Phlegm, descend turbid, open cavities

Acupuncture – foot yangming, local, ashi points, Ren 12 & ST 40, Du 20, Yintang, ST 25

- nausea- PC 6

Blood Stasis

Chronic fixed stabbing headaches, caused by injury, or long term illness

P/T – promote circulation, move Stasis, and meridian Qi

Acupuncture – ashi, LI 4, SP 6, BL 17, 40

Qi and Blood deficiency

Lack of nourishment, mild dull headache that is worse in the afternoon, photophobia, tired eyes, poor sleep, palpitations, fatigue, pale complexion and tongue, P- weak

P/T – nourish Qi and Blood, promote circulation

Acupuncture – tonify, foot Taiyin and Yangming, Du 20, 23, ST 36, SP 6, 10

- when in remission add Shu points, Ren 4 & 6, and Moxa

Liver Kidney Yin deficiency

Dizziness and blurred vision, Liver and Kidney deficiency symptoms, may be mild or severe, T- red with scanty coat, P- thin wiry

P/T – nourish Liver and Kidney

Acupuncture – foot Shaoyin, Shu, Du 20, BL 18, 23, LR 3-KI 1, SP 6

- heat signs- PC 8

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- occiput, frontal, brain, shenmen, bleed vein on the back of the ear for Liver Yang rising

7 star- ache, Bladder meridian, taiyang, yintang, Gallbladder on head

Acupuncture Treatment for Gallbladder pain

Gallbladder pain

Western medicine – gallstones, parasites blocking bile duct, inflammation (cholecystitis), bile duct tumors

TCM – emotional stresses cause Liver Gallbladder Qi stagnation, stones are caused by Damp/Heat or Phlegm.

Caused by western diet, anger attacks, extreme hunger causes parasites to move and cause pain, drastic weather changes can also induce pain. The upper right quadrant of the abdomen becomes severely painful, either constantly or intermittently. The pain radiates to right scapular region. The Gallbladder area dislikes touch, may show rebound tenderness (slow pressure with quick release causes great pain), patient likes to lay in fetal position, is restless, may have aversion to cold, fever, cold sweat, cold limbs, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting (may progress to vomiting bile or parasites), jaundice, yellow urine, yellow sclera, yellow skin, constipation,

P- wiry rapid or tense.

P/T – soothe Liver Gallbladder, move Qi to relieve pain

Acupuncture Rx – GB 24 (mu, local), 34 (low he-sea), LR 14 (mu, local), Ren 12 (local, fu influential)

- dan nang (gallbladder extra points) – 1-2 cun under GB 34

- soothe Liver – LR 3

- cold – LI 11, SJ 5

- nausea/vomit – ST 36, PC 6

- jaundice – SP 6, 9

- constipation – ST 25, SJ 6

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen, Fu organs, digestive tract, Shenmen, sympathetic,

*strong stimulation

electro – GB 24, LR 14, LI 20, ST 2

injection – painful area (ashi), codeine

Acupuncture Treatment for Facial paralysis (Bell's paulsy)

Facial Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy)

Mostly affects young adults, acute, usually one side of the face is effected, can’t close eye, or mouth, causes tearing and drooling. May be accompanied by pain before attack (around GB 12 SJ 17 +/-), front 2/3 of tongue loses taste sensation, hearing may become sensitive.

Wind/Cold or Wind/Heat

When body is weak the meridians are empty, the pathogen gets inside and blocks the flow of Qi, this results in a lack of nourishment to the tendons and muscles. Can become chronic, this causes an eventual Yin deficiency with Heat and/or deficiency Wind. This condition may cause the deviation to move to the other side of the face.

P/T – promote blood circulation, open meridians to expel Wind

Acupuncture – hand and foot Yangming and Shaoyang, *SJ 17, ST 4-6, LI 4, LR 3, GB 20, LI 20, 19,

Du 26, Jia Cheng Jiang

- eye not closing- Yin Qiao KI 6, Yang Qiao BL 62, BL 2, GB 14, Yu Yao

- technique is to push drooping skin back towards normal position

- patient should come as soon after attack as possible, and return every other day

- only puncture effected side

- be sure to wear head and neck scarves

Alternative Treatment Methods

electrical- when facial muscles begin to twitch the stimulation is sufficient.

Chew gum

Facial massage after hot cloth compresses (herbal)

Acupuncture Treatment for External Pathogenic Invasions

External Pathogenic Invasion

Western medicine - common cold or flu due to external pathogen/ acute viral, bacterial infection.
TCM - invasion blocking LU Qi, superficial syndrome

P/T - Expel Wind cold, disperse, promote LUQI, relieve superficial area.

Acupuncture Rx - Hand Yang Ming, Hand Taiyin, LU 7 + LI 20 ( nose disorders, cough), LI 4 (reinforce LU’s function to expel cold), BL 12, SI 7 ( relieve aversion to cold + headache), GB 20, Yang Wei (Pond of wind)

- Headache – Yin Tang & Tai Yang

- Wind Cold - complicated damp, heavy body, nausea = SP 10, LU 5,

- Qi Stagnation - SJ 6, GB 34

- Wind Cold + Qi def - ST 36, BL 11, BL 43, BL 13

- Body ache - Cupping. From BL 11 ~ BL 13 ~ Lumber region. Then stop at BL 13 for 15min.

P/T- Expel wind heat, descend, clear Lung QI.

Acupuncture Rx - Hand TaiYin, Hand Yang Ming, DU/ sedate, LU 10, LU 5 (clear, descend, soar throat, fever, cough, phlegm), LI 11, ST 44 (Ying-spring, clear heat, relieve thirst, fever, dry), DU 14, SJ 5 (reduce fever, superficial area), LU 11, LI 11( bleed), ST 9, Xi Chuan ( high fever), Ren 22


- Complicated blood def – SP 10, SP 6, BL 13

- Yin def – KD 6, KD 7
Summer Heat and Dampness

P/T. Clear summer heat, transform dampness, relieve superficial area,

Acupuncture Rx - Hand Taiyin, Foot Yangming, with neutral stimulation, LU 6, LI 4 (promote LI function, clear summer heat, transform damp), ST 36, Ren 12 (middle jiao dampness), SJ 6 (regulate 3 jiao, transform dampness, expel summer heat)

- High fever - Du 14

- more damp - SP 9

- Irregular bowl, soft, or sticky BM - ST 25

- Qi + Yang def - ST 36, BL 43

- Yin or blood def - BL 13, SP 10, KD 7

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – LU, trachea, nose, throat, SJ, ear apex, *strong stimulation

cupping & 7 star needle – BL meridian

self massage – LI 4, 20

Acupuncture Treatment for Epilepsy


Usually involves Liver, Spleen And Kidney due to Phlegm blocking the collaterals and heart cavity.

Phlegm Fire attacking Spirit

Rough breathing, dry stool, constipation, bad breath,

T – red, yellow greasy coat, P – rapid slippery

PT – eliminate phlegm, purghe liver fire, open cavity

Acupuncture- Ren, Du, foot yang ming, foot jue yin, Du 1, Ren 15, GB 34, Du 8, ST 40, LR 2

- during attack – Du 26, HT 7, ST 6

- night- KI 6

- day- BL 62

Wind Phlegm

Blocks clear cavities (liver wind up-surging bringing Phlegm upwards),

T – normal, white coat, P- slippery

PT – calm liver and eliminate phlegm

Acupuncture- Ren, Du, foot shaoyang, foot jueyin, Du 1, Ren 15, GB 34, Du 8, GB 13, 20, LR 3, ST 40

Dizziness – Du 20, LI 4

Blood Stasis

Blocks brain and collaterals, usually due to head injuries, purple complexion

T – purple, dark spots, P – Uneven

PT – promote blood circu8lation and clear cavity

Acupuncture – Du 26, 23, 8, Taiyang, SJ 20, GB 34, BL 17, SP 10

Blood deficiency with deficiency Wind

Small tremors and trembling aggravated by stress and over work, incontinence

T – pale, P – weak

PT – nourish Qi and Blood to extinguish wind

Acupuncture – Ren and Back Shu, Ren 17, 15, BL 20, Ren 6, BL 17, SP 10, GB 34, HT 5, Du 8

Heart & Spleen deficiency

Short attacks, incontinence

PT – nourish Heart and spleen

Acupuncture – foot tai yin, SP 10, Ren 12, ST 36,40, GB 34, Du 8 – add moxa

Liver & Kidney Yin deficiency

lower back and knee weakness/pain, insomnia

PT – nourish liver and kidney to subdue yang and calm mind

Acupuncture – foot jue yin and foot shao yin

BL 18, 23, KI 3, SP 6, HT 5, Ren 15, GB 34, Du 8

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular – brain, shen men, occipital, heart, stomach

Electrical – may induce epileptic seizures

Acupuncture Treatment for Enuresis


Main points: Ren 3, Du 20

Kidney Yang deficiency

P/T – warm Kidney Yang

Acupuncture – moxa and needle, Shu, Ren, Ren 3, 4, BL 23, 28, SP 6

- sleep too deeply- Du 20, HT 7

- open and activae Ren- moxa LU 7 (Ren confluent)

Spleen Lung Qi deficiency

P/T – Tonify Lung and Spleen

Acupuncture – Ren, hand and foot Taiyin, Ren 3, 6, LU 9, SP 6, ST 36, add Back Shu points, Du 20

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- KI, BL, subcortex, brain, occiput, urinary tract, sensitive points

scalp- reproductive regions, foot motosensory regions. Use electrical.

injection- vit B12, B1, Dang Gui, Placenta, into BL 23, 28, Ren 3, 4, ST 36, SP 6

Acupuncture Treatment for Endometriosis


Definition: Patches of endometrial tissue that are normally found only in the uterine lining (endometrium) growing outside the uterus, usually in the abdominal cavity (ovaries, uterine ligaments, intestines, ureters, bladder, vagina, surgical scars) , although it may appear in other parts of the body (chest lining, brain). It quite commonly is attached to the outside of internal organs and most often adheres to the ovaries and uterine ligaments. This tissue still keeps the same traits it would have if it still were present inside the uterus; grows and builds mid cycle, and bleeds during menstruation. This causes pain of varying degrees in different women. When this continues for some time, the misplaced tissue may cause scarring that leads to an adhesion (sticking together) of internal surfaces (organs, ligaments) and may eventually inhibit proper functioning of certain aspects of the body.

Causes: Endometriosis seems to run in families (mostly Caucasian). Also, giving birth for the first time after the age of 30 seems to be a risk factor. The best theory to date of why this condition comes fourth is said to be during menstruation, some of the endometrial tissue that is usually shed through the vagina, flows backward out the uterine (Fallopian) tubes.

Signs & Symptoms: pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic region, irregular menses, spotting between periods or before periods, infertility (difficulty conceiving), pain during sexual intercourse, abdominal swelling, pain during bowel movements, bleeding from the rectum during menstruation, lower abdominal pain during menstruation, and there are sometimes no symptoms at all.

Diagnosis: when a woman shows typical signs described above, or has unexplained infertility one may suspect Endometriosis. There may also be palpable masses in the lower abdomen. To see if there is endometrial tissue outside of the uterus, a doctor will use a small fiber optic viewing tube called a laparoscope that enters the abdominal cavity through a small incision made just below the navel. Sometimes it may not be conclusive by only viewing so a biopsy (small sample) will be taken. Ultrasounds, MRI’s, barium enemas, CT scans, and x-rays may also be used to determine the extent of the disease. Blood tests that show antibodies for endometrial tissue are also a signal that the body may be attacking regular body tissues that are out of place.

Acupuncture Treatment: when you go to see your acupuncturist or Chinese medicine practitioner, they will take you through a series of questions quite unlike your western medical physician. These questions are based on finding a Wholistic pattern of disharmony in the body. The belief is that when the bodies disharmonies are balanced, and the patients constitution strengthened, the healing powers of the human will run at optimal levels. They should also go through many other aspects of your life to determine what may be energetically contributing to the disease condition. The following are common patterns people fit into, and common Acupuncture treatment points that will be administered.

From a Chinese Medicine points of view this disease usually falls under the categories of Painful periods or abdominal masses.

Qi deficiency with Blood Stasis

chronic, irregular painful periods, dislike massage, large clots, infertility, pain during sex, Spleen deficiency symptoms- fatigue, bloating, heavy pressure on the anus, T- swollen pale with teethmarks purple, P- deep thin weak

P/T – nourish Qi to move Qi and Blood

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Yangming, Du 20, Ren 6, BL 20, ST 36, BL 32, Zi Gong, GB 36

- heavy painful anus- Du 1

Heat stagnation with Blood Stasis

painful, dislike massage, large clots, infertile, irregular menses, heat shows more during menses, trichomonas infection, thirst, constipation, P- wiry rapid, T- red, yellow coat

Acupuncture – sedate, LI 11, SJ 6, BL 17, SP 6, 10, Zi Gong, LR 5, Ren 1

Cold stagnation

Acupuncture – Ren 4, 6, 8, GB 26, ST 25, KI 12, Ren 1 (heavy moxa)

Acupuncture Treatment for Edema


Lung, Spleen, and/or Kidney lose transport and transform fluids functions, this leads to water retention.

Yang- acute onset, starts at the head and face then moves downward.

Yin- slow onset, starts at the feet and ankles, is more in the lower half of the body.

Western Medicine- kidney disorders, endocrine, heart failure, malnutrition.


invades and causes the Lung to lose its dispersing and descending functions, Yang edema that starts from the eyes, head, and face, may quickly spread to the whole body. Skin has luster, and the edema is not pitting. This more often shows Wind/Heat patterns.

P/T – expel Wind, promote Lung function

Acupuncture – Shu, Taiyin, BL 13 & LU 5, SJ 5 & LI 4 (induce perspiration), BL 22, *SP 9, Du 26

Spleen deficiency

Yang deficiency, facial as well as ankle edema, chronic, worse in the afternoon when patient feels tired. This is a Yin edema. Shows Spleen deficiency symptoms.

P/T – warm and strengthen Spleen

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Taiyin, BL 20, 22, Ren 6, 9, ST 36, SP 6, and moxa

Kidney Yang deficiency

long term Spleen Yang deficiency, or anything else that causes Kidney deficiency, Kidney can’t control the gates, causes whole body severe edema, abdominal edema, chest fullness, scanty urine, Kidney Yang deficiency symptoms, T- swollen pale with teeth marks and white coat, P- wiry or deep thin

P/T – warm and tonify Kidney Yang, transform Qi

Acupuncture – Ren, Shu, BL 23, Ren 4 (heavy moxa), BL 22, Ren 9, BL 20, ST 36

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- LU SP KI, BL, subcortex

3 edge needle- bleed BL 40, SP 9, BL 23 (chronic)

7 star needle- BL meridian

Acupuncture Treatment for Eczema (dermatitis)


Accumulation of Damp/Heat

acute onset, covers the body sparsely from head to toe, may be painful, swollen, buring, red, may have vesicles

P/T – clear Heat, eliminate Damp, relieve itch

Acupuncture – foot Taiyang, hand Yangming, foot Taiyin, BL 13, LI 11, BL 40 (bleed for Damp/Heat),

SP 9, HT 7

Spleen deficiency with Damp

slow onset, red itchy, Spleen deficiency symptoms (fatigue, loose stool, poor digestion), T- pale, tender fat looking, white coat, P- soft

Acupuncture – foot Taiyin, and Yangming, BL 20, SP 9, ST 36, SP 2, LI 11, Ren 12, ST 25

Blood deficiency with internal or external Wind-dryness

area gets thick, dry, itchy, and flakes away, patient scratches, P- wiry thin

Acupuncture – BL 17 & SP 10, SP 6 & ST 36, PC 4 & HT 7, LI 11

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- LU, Shenmen, adrenal, bleed retroauricular vein, LR, subcortex

7 star- around area, Hua Tou Jia Ji, and on affected area, bleed slightly

Heat lamp and moxa- if there is Blood Stasis

Acupuncture Treatment for Eclampsia


High blood pressure during mid to late pregnancy. These women are quite often overweight, short in height, and may be anemic. Liver Kidney Yin deficiency, Yin is unable to anchor Yang, therefore Yang or Fire rise causing hypertension which could lead to Wind. The risk is higher in women that are diabetic, or have kidney problems (western). Cold weather may aggravate.

Early signs (pre-eclampsia): lower limb edema, dizziness, headache, blurred vision.

Emergency: when severe, woman can have spasming, lose consciousness, and go into convulsions.


Yin deficiency with Yang rising

Liver Kidney deficiency allows Yang to rise causing dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, headache, muscle twitching

P/T – nourish Liver Kidney, soothe Liver Qi

Acupuncture – neutral, foot Shaoyin & Jueyin, Shu, BL 18, 23, Du 20, LR 2, KI 6 (Yinqiao)

- insomnia- HT 7

Heart Liver Fire

dizziness, blurred vision, throbbing/distended headache, loud tinnitus, irritable, anger, red face, lips, tongue, shaking limbs

P/T – purge Heart Liver Fire

Acupuncture – neutral, hand and foot Shaoyin and Jueyin, KI 3, BL 23, HT 7, PC 6, LR 3, BL 18

- irritable- PC 7

- sore eyes, headache, dizziness- Si Shen Cong

- constipation- SJ 6, ST 37

Spleen deficiency with hyperactive Liver

fluid retention, edema, lack of blood for Liver which causes Wind

P/T – strength Spleen, eliminate Phlegm-Damp

Acupuncture – neutral, foot taiyin & Jueyin, BL 20, ST 36, LR 2, PC 6, Ren 17

- Phlegm- ST 40

- dry mouth, irritable- HT 7, LR 3

During attack

Woman can faint, lose consciousness, clenched fists and jaws, spasm, convulsions, frothy saliva, phlegm in the throat, attacks may recur simultaneously, may not wake. This condition can also happen after delivery, which would be treated the same.

P/T – extinguish Wind, relieve convulsions & Phlegm, revive consciousness.

Acupuncture – Du 26, Si Shen Cong, PC 8, ST 40

- during the day- BL 62

- at night- KI 6

- closed (lock jaw)- ST 7

- Phlegm in throat- Ren 22

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- ST, subcortex, Shenmen, HT, occipital, Yuan Zhong, LR, KI, *bleed retroauricular vein in blood pressure groove and/or apex of ear.

Acupuncture Treatment for Early menses (periods)

Early periods

Seven days early for three months consecutively (thus shortening the cycle length). The amount of bleeding can be normal, excessive, or scanty.

Spleen Qi deficiency – can’t keep blood in vessels

pale dilute blood, shortness of breath, loose stools, bloating after meals, fatigue, pale complexion, blood spots under the skin, T- pale

P/T – nourish Spleen Qi, consolidate Chong, regulate period

Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, foot Taiyin, *Moxa SP 1, BL 20 & ST 36, SP 6, Du 20, moxa Ren 4 & 6 (tonify and raise Yuan Qi), SP 10

- Yang deficiency- Ren 4, BL 23

Rx – Gui Pi Tang, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Heat in Blood attacks Uterus

heavy bleeding (dark or bright red), may have clots (Liver Qi stagnation turns to Fire), irritability, red face, anxiety, irritability, dry stool, thirst, red face, dark urine, restless, T- red, P- rapid

P/T – clear Heat, cool blood, regulate Chong and Ren

Acupuncture – foot Taiyin, SP 6, 8, 10 (heat in blood), LR 2 (ying spring)

- insomnia- HT 7

- Heat signs- LI 11, KI 2, Ren 3

Rx – Qing Jing Tang, Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- Nei Shen Zhi Qi (internal reproductive), endocrine, subcortex, LR, SP, KI, Yuan Zhong

scalp- human reproductive system (electro)

7 star- Ren, Du, Dai

Acupuncture Treatment for Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)

Painful periods. Primary dysmenorrhea usually start with the first period of a womans life and is thought to be the result of excessive prostaglandin production. It is often associated with nausea, vomiting, and faintness. Secondary dysmenorrhea usually effects older patients and the pain precedes menstruation. It is thought to be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, fibroids, and the presence of an IUD (intrauterine device).

Qi and Blood stagnation

P/T – regulate Qi, promote circulation of blood, remove Stasis

Acupuncture – sedate, moxa, foot Jueyin, LR 3, 8, SP 6, Ren 6

- hypochondriac/chest/breast distension/pain- SJ 5, 6, BL 18

- severe low abdominal pain- BL 32

- nausea, vomiting, PC 6, ST 36

Damp/Cold stagnation

P/T – disperse Cold, eliminate Damp, warm Jing

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Taiyin, Ren 3 & ST 28 (water problems, needle and moxa), SP 6, 8

- Kidney deficiency- BL 23, Ren 4

- bodyaches- BL 11, 23

Liver Qi stagnation with Low Jiao Damp/Heat

P/T – clear Heat and Damp, regulate Liver Qi

Acupuncture – foot Taiyin, Jueyin, LR 3 & SP 6, Ren 3 & BL 32

- Low abdominal burning- LR 8

- Fire- LR 2 (more large clots)

Qi and Blood deficiency

Acupuncture – Ren, foot Taiyin, Ren 6, BL 20, SP 6, ST 36, Zi Gong

- deficient Cold- Ren 4, ST 30, moxa

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- internal reproductive organs, sympathetic, KI, LR, SP

7 star- medium stimulation, lower abdominal area

injection- Dang Gui 0.5ml, Hong Hua 0.1ml

Acupuncture Treatment for Dysentery


Western medicine – bacterial or amoebic (protozoan) infections



cramping pain, tenesmus (feel the need to defecate although very small amounts are ever discharged- unfinished feeling), pus and fresh blood in stool, scanty yellow urine, fever

P/T – clear Heat, transform Damp

Acupuncture – hand and foot yangming, *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, LI 11 & ST 44 (yangming heat)

Toxic Heat

excess fever, dark purple blood in stool, Ying Xue Heat symptoms (restlessness, eruptions, dry symptoms, may vomit blood, manic behavior), T- deep red with yellow coat, P- slippery rapid

P/T – clear Heat, detoxify, stop bleeding

Acupuncture – Du 14 & Jing-well, *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, LI 11 & ST 44


Crohn’s, abdominal pain tenesmus, pus in stool (thick fluids), may contain blood (not very significant), heaviness, fatigue, sticky mouth with no desire to drink, poor appetite,

T- white greasy coat, P- soft slow

P/T – warm mid Jiao, expel Cold, transform Damp

Acupuncture – hand yangming, foot taiyin, moxa, *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, Ren 12, 6, SP 9


defecient mid Jiao with residual pathogen

recurring attacks of dysentery, jelly like stools (pus and blood)

Yang deficiency – coldness, T- pale, P- weak

P/T – warm mid Jiao

Acupuncture – Shu, BL 20, 21, 22, 23, Ren 4

Yin deficiency – night sweats, dry mouth

P/T – nourish Yin

Acupuncture – BL 20, 21, 22, 23, KI 6, SP 10

Jin Kou Li

can’t eat or drink anything without immediately vomiting, mainly caused by Damp/Heat invasion, these people had weak stomachs previous to this invasion

Acupuncture – *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, PC 6, Ren 12

Alternative treatment methods

injection – 5% glucose fluid in ST 25 (2ml), put needle in until receive the Qi then inject the solution, may also use 0.1% Huang Lian for its antibiotic effects

3 edge & cupping – bleed 0.2-0.3 cun around navel then cup overtop of the navel.

auricular – SI LI, ST, SP, LR, KI, sympathetic, shenmen, rectum

Acupuncture Treatment for Dizziness


Three main causes: 1. Liver Yang rising, 2. Phlegm and Blood Stasis, 3. deficiency

Western Medicine - Meniere’s disease, cervical problems, artherosclerosis, injuries, anemia

Liver Wind and Yang rising

anger, long term illness, anything that produces deficiency or excess Heat can lead to Wind and/or Yang rising, blocks the turbid Qi in head thus blocking the clear cavities, usually complicated with headache

P/T – purge Liver and Gallbladder, calm Liver Wind

Acupuncture – sedate, foot Jueyin and Shaoyang, GB 20, 43, LR 2, BL 18

- insomnia- HT 7, SP 6


Meniere’s, cloudy heavy head, hard to focus sight, nausea, chest fullness, P- slippery

Acupuncture- neutral, hand Jueyin, foot Taiyin, SP 9 & ST 40, Ren 12 & PC 6, ST 8

- digestive problems- ST 36, 25

Qi and Blood deficiency

light headedness, blurred vision, floaters, Qi and Blood deficient symptoms

Acupuncture – foot Yangming and Taiyin, Du 20, SP 10 & BL 17, ST 36 & SP 6, Ren 6

- shortness of breath, spontaneous sweat- Ren 17, KI 7

Liver Kidney Yin deficiency

poor eyesight, memory, sleep, concentration, hearing, tinnitus

Acupuncture – foot Shaoyin and Jueyin, BL 18 & LR 3, BL 23 & KI 3, HT 7, KI 6

- irritable- PC 6, 7, SP 6

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- for Liver Wind (LR, GB, HBP, bleed vein on the back of the ear), for Phlegm (inner ear, adrenal, sympathetic, SP ST), for Qi and Blood deficiency (adrenal, subcortex, SP ST), Liver and Kidney deficiency (adrenal, subcortex, endocrine, KI, LR, ST)

scalp- dizziness and hearing region

injection- Dang Gui

Acupuncture Treatment for Diarrhea, IBS, Crohn's


Western medicine – Crohn’s, IBS, GI inflammation

Spleen Damp/Cold

external pathogenic invasion impairs large intestine function, stool too wet watery and frequent with pain and borborygmi, poor appetite, aversion to cold, T- white slippery coat, P- soft or tense

P/T – expel cold, transform Damp, harmonize mid Jiao

Acupunctre – neutral, moxa, hand and foot yangming, LI 4, Ren 12, ST 25, 37 (LI low he-sea)

- more pain – moxa Ren 8

Food stagnation

undigested odour in the stool, T- thick dirty coat, P- slippery

P/T – promote digestion

Acupuncture – Shu, Mu, Ren 12, LR 13, BL 20, 21, ST 36, Ren 10, Ren 21 & Li Nei Ting (under ST 44)

Liver Qi stagnation

IBS, emotions induce diarrhea, pain, borborygmi, T- red, thin coat, P- wiry

P/T – soothe Liver

Acupuncture – foot jueyin, yangming, BL 18, LR 14, 3, GB 34 (pain), BL 20, Ren 12, ST 25, 36

Large Intestine Damp/Heat

acute cramping then must get to toilet immediately, yellow smelly stool, burning anus, may have fever, T- red, yellow greasy coat, P- soft or slippery and rapid

P/T – clear Heat, eliminate Damp, regulate Large Intestine

Acupuncture – hand and foot yangming, LI 4 & ST 44 (clear Heat), Ren 12, ST 25, 36, 37

- burning anus – bleed BL 40

- fever – LI 11 & Du 14

- Heat – Jin Jin & Yu Yue

Spleen Qi deficiency

chronic soft stools, sensitive digestive system, fatigue, pale face, T- pale, teeth-marks, greasy coat,

P- thin

P/T – strengthen SP Qi, transform Damp

Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, Ren foot taiyin, Shu, Ren 12, ST 25, BL 21, 25, Ren 9 & SP 6 (damp)

Kidney Yang deficiency

5am diarrhea, undigested food in stool, relief after bowel movements, cold pain around the umbilicus, like warmth and pressure, T- pale, swollen, teeth-marks, white coat, P- deep thin weak

P/T – astringe and warm intestines

Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, BL 23 & Ren 4, BL 20, LR 13, ST 36, Ren 12 & ST 25 (regulate intestines), Du 4 & Ren 8 (needle and moxa)

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – SI, LI, ST, SP, LR, KI, sympathetic, shenmen, rectum

acute – strong stimulation, chronic – mild stimulation

7 star – T8-lower sacrum area, On lower abdomen on the SP, ST and Ren meridians

injection – B1 & B12 combo, ST 25, 36, 37, BL 25

Acupuncture Treatment for Depression

Depressive Psychosis – Dian

Depressed mental state, lack of facial expression, quiet, slow reactions, slow-incoherent speech, lack of physical drive.

Phlegm & Qi Stagnation

depressed, slow, sighing, worry, poor appetite

T – thin greasy coat, P – wiry, slippery,

PT – regulate Qi and eliminate phlegm to open the mind cavity

Acupuncture- BL 18, LV 3, BL 20, ST 40, BL 15, HT 7

- Hallucinations – BL 1

- Hearing Things –SI 19

- Sad/crying – LU 9

Spleen Qi deficiency with accumulation of Phlegm

Depressed, dull expression, minimal talking, soft stool, more slow and dull than phlegm and Qi stag., T – pale swollen, thick white greasy coat, P – weak, soft, slippery

PT – nourish spleen to eliminate phlegm

Acupuncture – foot yangming, front mu and back shu, BL 20, ST 40, ST 36, BL 15, HT 7

- Poor appetite – PC 6

Deficient Heart and Spleen

More heart symptoms than above, insomnia, palpitations, depressed, dull expression, minimal talking, soft stools, T – white coat, pale, P – weak, thin

PT – nourish heart and spleen to calm mind

Acupuncture – hand shao yin, foot tai yin and back shu, BL 20, SP 6, ST 36, BL 15, HT 7

Yin deficiency with deficient Fire

Easily gets upset, easily shocked, talks excessively (not loud), general emaciation, red cheeks, insomnia, thirsty, T – red, dry, scanty coat, P – thin, rapid

PT – nourish yin, descend fire to calm spirit

Acupuncture – foot tai yin, hand jue yin, BL 23, KI 3, BL 15, HT 7, PC 7, SP 6

Alternative treatment methods
auricular – heart, sub cortex, occipital, frontal, shen men, kidney

Electrical – Du 20, Yin Tang, Du 26, HT 5, ST 40 – alternating current

Acupuncture Treatment for Cough



P/T – expel Wind Cold, disperse LU Qi, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – hand Taiyin & Yangming, LU 7, LI 4, BL 13 (disperse Lung Qi, relieve cough), SJ 5

- superficial symptoms – BL 11,12 (moxa and cupping)

- headache – GB 20, Du 23

- body and limbs aching – BL 60, LI 7

- Phlegm – ST 40


P/T – expel Wind Heat, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – hand Taiyin & Yangming, Du, induce sweat, LI 11 (expel Wind Heat), BL 13, bleed LU 5, Du 14

- sore throat – bleed LU 11, LI 1

- copious cough – Ren 22, ST 40


P/T – moisten Lung, clear Heat, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – hand Taiyin, foot Shaoyin, neutral stimulation, KI 3 (moisten LU), BL 13, KI 6, LU 7 (all for throat/chest/Lung disorders)

- blood in Phlegm – LU 6, SP 10


P/T – clear Heat, transform Phlegm, descend Lung Qi to relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – hand Taiyin & Yangming, LU 5, 7, BL 13, ST 40 (phlegm), LI 11 (heat)

Liver Fire attack Lungs

P/T – soothe Liver, descend Fire, clear Lung, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – foot Jueyin, hand Taiyin, LU 5, BL 13, GB 34 & LR 3 (dry throat), KI 6, LU 6

Lung Yin deficiency

P/T – nourish Yin, lubricate Lung, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – LU 1, BL 13, 23 (nourish LU KI Yin), LU 5, KI 6 (Yin deficient heat), KI 3, LU 9 (nourish LU KI)

- night sweats – SI 3

- tidal fever – LI 11

- 5 centre heat – PC 8, KI 1, BL 43


P/T – invigorate and strengthen Spleen, transform Damp, eliminate Phlegm, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – hand foot Taiyin, LU 9, BL 13 (regulate LU Qi), BL 20, SP 3 (relieve cough), ST 40

- poor appetite – PC 6, ST 36

Chronic Lung Qi deficiency

P/T – tonify Lung Qi, relieve cough

Acupuncture Rx – hand Taiyin, foot Yangming, LU 9, BL 13, LU 7, ST 36, Ren 6

- fullness, shortness of breath – Ren 17, PC 6

- wheezing – ding chuan

Alternative treatment methods

auricular –LU, trachea, bronchi, shenmen, *medium stimulation

7 star – Du & Lung meridian, upper chest

injection – Ren 17, LU 1, LR 2, BL 11, 12, 13, GB 21, ding chuan, ST 36, ST 40

chronic cough should be treated in mid summer with 16 % Bai Fu Zi, 48 % Yang Jin Hya Ye

Acupuncture Treatment for Convulsions


Limb spasms, spinal rigor, facial paralysis/twitch etc.

Western medicine – epilepsy, tetanus, infant convulsion, brain tumor, meningitis, and more.

TCM – Liver Wind

Etiology and Pathogenesis

1. Excess Heat in Ying and Xue level induces Liver Wind

2. Deficiency of blood/fluids leads to tendons/muscles lack of nourishment induces Wind

Differentiation and Treatment

Extreme Heat injures body fluids and induces Wind

high fever, retention of urine, convulsive symptoms with scanty urine, lockjaw

P/T – clear Heat, promote body fluid production to extinguish Wind and relieve convulsions.

Acupuncture Rx – Du, foot jueyin, Du 14 (heat), 16 (wind), LI 4 (heat, wind), LR 2, 3 (calm Liver wind), GB 34 (tendon influential)

- lockjaw – ST 6, 7

- thirst – jin jin & yu ye, Ren 23

- limb spasm – SI 3, Du 8, BL 57

Ying & Xue level Heat

high fever at night, scanty urine, irritable, insomnia, convulsions, lockjaw, heat in Pericardium,

T- deep red , yellow dry coat

P/T – clear Heat, cool blood, calm mind, relieve convulsions

Acupuncture Rx – jueyin, PC 7, 8, LR 2, 3, & Du 14 (heat), GB 34 (tendon spasm)

Blood/fluid deficiency

late stage, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, spontaneous sweat, ematiated, limb spasms, facial spasms, dry symptoms, T- dry, P- thin

P/T – nourish blood and fluids to relieve convulsions

Acupuncture Rx – hand and foot yangming, taiyin, back shu, LI 4, 10, & ST 36 (contain most Qi and blood), SP 6 (Yin, blood), SP 10 (blood), BL 18 & 20 (tonify), *neutral stimulation

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – Liver, subcortex, brainstem, Shenmen, sympathetic,

*strong stimulation, 30-60 min.

electro – LI 4, 10, 11, si bai, GB 34, LR 3, consistent rapid frequency.

Acupuncture Treatment for Constipation


More than three days of dry and/or difficult bowel movements.

Excess Yangming Heat

fullness in the intestines, may be pain (particularly on pressure), bad breath, thirst, T- red with yellow coat, P- slippery full

P/T – clear Heat, induce bowel movement, protect body fluids

Acupuncture – sedate, yangming, *LI 4, 11, *ST 37, 25, *SP 14

- thirst, fever – Ren 23, HT 8

- bad breath – Ren 24, PC 8

Large Intestine Qi stagnation

unfinished feeling, bitty stools, difficult to pass, bloated, belching, T- white coat, P- wiry

P/T – regulate Qi, induce bowel movement

Acupuncture – sedate, Ren, foot jueyin, Ren 12 & ST 25, *Ren 6 (move intestines), LR 2 & GB 34

- hypochondriac pain – LR 14, SJ 6

- bloating – SP 15

Spleen Stomach Qi deficiency

lack of Qi and blood can lead to Lung Qi deficiency, lack of energy to push out stool, sweating and fatigue after bowel movement, T- pale with white coat, P- thin weak

P/T – strengthen Spleen, nourish Qi, induce bowel movement

Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, BL 20, 21, SP 6, ST 36, Ren 4, BL 25 & ST 25, KI 7 & LI 4

- palpitations – PC 6

Spleen Kidney Yang deficient Cold

fatigue, coldness, dizzy, tinnitus, copious clear urine, T- pale, with white moist coat,

P- deep retarded

P/T – warm Spleen and Kidney Yang

Acupuncture – tonify , moxa, foot shaoyin and taiyin, Ren 6, KI 6, 18, BL 23, 20 & SP 6, ST 25

- excess coldness – Du 4, BL 40

- anal prolapse – Du 1, 20

Yin/Blood deficiency

chronic, rabbit stools, whole body Yin deficient signs, dryness

P/T – moisten dryness, nourish Yin

Acupuncture – Shu, foot shaoyin, KI 3, 6, BL 20, SP 6, ST 36, BL 25 & ST 25

- insomnia, palpitations – HT 7, LR 2 or 3

- dry mouth – jin jin, yue ye

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – LI, rectum, SI, sympathetic, medium to strong stimulation, leave for 1-2 hours

injection – jian wei and abdominal ashi points, LI 7, vitamin B 0.3-0.5 ml each, daily

breathing, regulate diet, train body to have regular bowel movement times of the day.

Acupuncture Treatment for Chest pain

Chest Bi

Heart/Lung pain.

Western medicine – coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, etc.

TCM - Pathogen in chest Luo causing tight pain that may radiate to the back and be accompanied by dyspnea.

Blood Stasis in Heart

intermittent stabbing fixed pain, worse at night, dark purple sublingual veins,

P- uneven deep or irregular

P/T – promote circulation, remove Blood Stasis

Acupuncture – hand jueyin and shaoyin, Ren 14, BL 15, PC 4 & HT 6 (xi-cleft pain), Ren 17 & BL 17

(Qi and blood) herbal treatment

- Stasis – LU 11, HT 9

Cold stagnation

severe pain, cold weather triggers this pain, cold symptoms/body, dyspnea, T- white slippery, P- wiry tense or deep thin (yang deficiency)

P/T – warm Yang Qi, expel Cold, promote Qi circulation

Acupuncture – sedate, moxa, hand jueyin and shaoyin, Ren, BL 14, 15 (HT PC), PC 6 & HT 5

(Luo stagnation), Ren 4 & 6 (invigorate Yang Qi)

- coldness – moxa BL 12, 13

Heart Qi deficiency

dull pain, shortness of breath, comes and goes, palpitations, fatigue, pale face, T- pale, P- irregular

P/T – nourish Heart Qi

Acupuncture – Ren 17, 14, HT 6 (pain), Ren 6, ST 36 (Yuan and Spleen Qi)

- Yang deficient Cold – Ren 4, 8, Du 4, moxa

Heart Yin deficiency

dull pain that comes and goes, Yin deficiency symptoms, T- red with scanty coat, P- thin rapid

P/T – nourish Heart Yin

Acupuncture – tonify, hand and foot shaoyin, BL 15, 23, KI 3, 6, PC 6, SP 6

Turbid Phlegm stagnation

pain with feeling of pressure from the inside (oppression), difficult to breathe, heavy limbs and body, fullness, sticky mouth, nausea, T- swollen with turbid greasy coat, P- slippery

P/T – invigorate Yang Qi, eliminate Phlegm, remove stagnation

Acupuncture – sedate hand jueyin, foot yangming, Ren 14, 17, PC 4 (xi-cleft), ST 40 & LU 9 (phlegm)

- digestive fullness – ST 36, Ren 12

- Heat with Phlegm – ST 44, LI 4, SP 9

Alternative treatment methods

auricular – HT, SI, sympathetic, subcortex, yuan zhong, LU LR, chest, occiput, blood pressure groove, strong stimulation

electro – between Hua Tou Jia Ji and first Bladder line on the back, puncture 30 degrees oblique

1-1.5 cun deep from T1-T4, PC 6, strong stimulation for 20 minutes with continuous frequency.

Herbal points applications – Dan Shen, San Qi, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Bing Pian, mix into powder with cream and apply to Ren 14, 17, BL 14, 15, PC 6 everyday at night

emergency acupressure – PC 6, BL 15, HT 4, 5, start gently then increase pressure over a few minutes until applying very strong stimulation, 5-10 minutes.

Acupuncture Treatment for Pre-menstrual Breast tenderness

Pre-menstrual Breast tenderness

Liver Qi stagnation

PMS, moody, breasts swell, be painful, or have itchy sensitive nipples

Acupuncture – sedate, foot Jueyin, LR 3, GB 41, PC 6, Ren 17

- nodules- GB 34

- regulate menses (start stop)- SP 6, 8, Ren 4

Liver Qi stagnation with Kidney deficiency

same symptoms as above with kidney deficiency symptoms as well (sore low back, urinary problems, tinnitus, poor memory, sexual dysfunction, fear, etc)

Acupuncture – foot Shaoyin, Jueyin, KI 3, LR 3, SP 6, Ren17

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- SP, LR, KI, internal reproductive organs, endocrine, subcortex, adrenal, chest

7 star- T3 to T7 Hua Tou Jia Ji

Acupuncture Treatment for Bi Syndrome (painful obstruction)

Bi Syndrome (painful obstruction)
Principle of treatment is to invigorate the Qi (main points Du 14)

Wind (moving) Bi

Acupuncture – Du 14, GB 20, BL 17, SP 10

Cold (painful) Bi

Acupuncture – Du 14, BL 12, 23, Ren 4

Damp (heavy) Bi

Acupuncture – Du 14, BL 17, 20, SP 9, ST 36

Heat (Re) Bi

Acupuncture – Du 14, LI 4, 11

Use local, distal, and adjacent points.

Modifications: according to specific area.

- shoulder- 3 shoulder needles, 1. extra Jian Qian, LI 15, SJ 14, 2. LI 15, SJ 14,

SI 9, 3, LI 15, SJ 14, LI 14

- elbow- LI 10, 11, SJ 5, 10, LU 5, LI 4

- wrist- LI 5, SJ 4, SI 5, LI 4

- spine- Du 3, 12, 26, Yintang

- hip- GB 29, 30, 39

- buttocks- BL 36, 54, SP 9

- knee- ST 34, 35, GB 33, 34

- ankle- BL 60, 62, KI 6, GB 40, ST 41

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- shenmen, sympathetic, local area, use points detection

injection- local Dang Gui, Fang Feng, Wei Ling Xian solution (0.5-1ml), *do not inject into joint)

7 star- local points

Acupuncture Treatment for Asthma

Acute onset – during attack (cold, hot, or deficiency)
Remission stage (cold, hot, and deficiency)

Acute onset – during attack of Cold
P/T – warm up meridians, disperse Cold, eliminate Phlegm, relieve Asthma
Acupuncture Rx – hand Taiyin, Ren, sedate, LU 7, 5, BL 13 (expel patho., relieve asthma), Ren 17, ding chuan
- wheezing – Ren 22
- runny nose – LI 20, ST 3
- Phlegm – ST 40
- Fever – LI 4, LI 11

Acute onset – during attack of Heat
P/T – descend and disperse Lung Qi, clear Lung Heat, transform Phlegm, stop Asthma
Acupuncture Rx – LI 4, 11, DU 14 (clear heat), LU 1, 6 (relieve asthma), Ren 17, ding chuan (descend LU Qi), ST 40 (phlegm)
- heat – bleed LI 1, 11
- wheezing – Ren 22
- Phlegm – Ren 12
- Liver Fire attack Lung – LR 3, 14

Acute onset – during attack from deficiency
P/T – nourish Qi, relieve Asthma
Acupuncture Rx – hand Taiyin, back-shu, ding chuan, LU 9, BL 13, 43

Remission stage – cold, hot, and deficiency
Lung, Spleen, and Kidney Qi deficiency
P/T – tonify Qi
Acupuncture Rx – Lung Qi : LU 9, BL 13, 20, 43, Spleen Qi: LU 9, BL 13, 43, ST 36, 40, SP 3,
Kidney Qi: LU 9, BL 13, 43, 23, 24, KI 3

Alternative treatment methods
auricular – LU, shenmen, bronchi, adrenal, sympathetic
Moxa – back-shu during remission stage
herbal application – Bai Jie Zi 21g, Yan Hu Suo 21g, Xi Xin 15g, Gan Sui 12g, place on ding chuan, BL 13, Ren 20, ST 16 (may cause blister)
electro – LU 5, 6

Acupuncture Treatment for Angina Pectoris

Angina Pectoris (Heart pain, Chest Bi)
Western medicine – angina
TCM – stagnation of Qi and blood, Phlegm-Damp, deficiency – lack of nourishment to Heart meridian.

Seen more in males after age 40. Lasts a few seconds to a few minutes. Pain radiates to left arm and/or neck, break sweat, become fearful/scared, breathing becomes difficult, can be crushing chest pain, palpitations, T- purple (especially sub-lingual), P- uneven, irregular, or wiry.

Etiology - Sudden change to cold weather, overeating, excess emotional factors, over-fatigued
P/T – promote Qi circulation, connect Yang Qi, remove stagnation to relieve pain
Acupuncture Rx – hand jueyin, front-mu, PC 6 (yin wei -heart & chest), HT 6 & PC 4 (xi-cleft –pain), Ren 14 (mu), 17 (Qi influential, PC mu)
- short of breath – Ren 22, LU 6
- excess Phlegm – Ren 12, ST 40
- Qi and blood stagnation – LR 3, BL 17
- Kidney & Heart Yang deficiency – BL 14, 15, 23
- Heart & Spleen Yang deficiency – BL 15, 20, ST 36

Alternative treatment methods
auricular – Heart, Shenmen, sympathetic, brain
electro – Xi-cleft, Ren 14 to 17, rapid continuous frequency
injection – Dan Shen, BL 14, 15, Xi-cleft

Acupuncture Treatment for Amenorrhea

No period for three months consecutively.

Kidney Qi deficiency
young women do not get menarche until late years, slow development
Acupuncture – Tonify, moxa, Shu, Ren, BL 23 & Ren 4, ST 30 & SP 6

Qi and Blood deficiency
Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, BL 20, ST 36, SP 6, BL 17 & Ren 6
- dizzy, blurred vision, BL 18, Du 20

Phlegm-Damp stagnation
post delivery overweight patients
Acupuncture – Ren 17, ST 40, Ren 6, 12
- clear vaginal discharge- BL 32

Yin deficiency
chronic disorders
Acupuncture – BL 15, 23, KI 3, SP 6, LR 3
- insomnia- HT 7, PC 6

Cold stagnating Blood
Acupuncture – Moxa Ren 8 with ginger, Ren 3, 4, Du 4, LR 3 & LI 4, SP 6

Qi and Blood stagnation
emotional relation
Acupuncture – Ren 6 & SP 6, LR 2 & SP 10, LR 14 & GB 34 (hypochondriac distension)

Alternative Treatment Methods
auricular- endocrine, reproductive organs, subcortex, KI LR, SP, HT
7 star- Hua Tou Jia Ji T5 to coccyx and Dai Mai (L2 to navel)

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