Monday, May 2, 2011

The Use of Acupuncture and Herbs for Meniere’s Disease

Chief Complaint: Dizziness
Western Diagnosis: Meniere’s Disease
Medical History: 54 yo male with 15 year history of Meniere’s disease. Vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss, vomiting when severe. Tried diuretics, salt restriction, conventional medications, all without benefit.
Questioning exam: Had not tried alternative methods. Has had recurrent severe episodes with increased severity. (Always has the basic symptoms, however).The frequency of severe attacks has steadily increased, from 1 per year to 6 this summer.Heat exacerbates the symptoms. He also has a feeling of fullness in his ears.
Pulse exam: Scalloped, normal color, thin white coat
Tongue exam: Slippery, kidney pulses weak
OM Diagnosis: Phlegm-Damp; congestion and stagnation. Damp spleen-kidney Qi vacuity
Treatment Principle: Warm and transform phlegm-damp, dispel wind and relieve dizziness.Fortify the spleen and boost Qi. Supplement the kidney and fill the brain
Point Prescription: Sp3 to strengthen the spleen, resolve dampness; ST40 to resolve phlegm/dampness; LI11 to resolve dampness; SJ3 benefits ear, expels wind, removes obstruction from channel; SJ5 benefits ear, removes obstruction from channel, indirectly subdues internal wind; SJ17 expels wind, benefits ear; SJ21 benefits ear; Sp6 strengthens spleen, resolves damp, tonifies kidneys, promotes function of liver; K3 tonifies kidney, benefits essence, benefits ear
Herbal Formula: Modified Wen Dan Tang (would have preferred Er Chen Tang but it was not available and the above is derived from this formula and was the most suitable)
Lifestyle Prescription: None necessary
Results: After 1 treatment and herbs, “fullness” dissipated. After 3 treatments, tinnitus and dizziness minimal. Anticipate a few more treatments for complete resolution.
Synopsis: 54 year old male with Meniere’s disease, increasing severity and frequency of symptoms. Conventional methods were not effective at all. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have had excellent results.

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