Monday, May 2, 2011

Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Shoulder Pain

Chief-complaint: Right Shoulder Pain
Western-diagnosis: inflammation of the deltoid
Medical-history: 64 year old female.
Complaining of shoulder pain x 1 month.
Symptoms: Right shoulder pain
Pain with arm abduction
Forward flexion pain
Pulse: Wiry
Tongue: tongue- Liver Stagnation/ heat
Purple engorged veins
CM-diagnosis: Blood & qi stagnation in the LI and SJ, Kid qi
Treatment-principle: Move blood and qi, tonify kid qi, smooth liver
Point-prescription: bleed LI-1, SJ-1
Ashi point opposite side of pain.
Electric stimulation.
LI-11 to LI-15
SJ 5 to SJ-14
St-38 %
SI 3
UB 62
Sp 10
Herb-prescription: Dang gui
Rou gui
chuang xiang
yan hu suo
yu jin
xiang fu
chai hu
du huo
zhi zi
du zhong
Lifestyle-prescription: No exercise,
Ice 15 min
Heat 15 min
acupuncture 3 x a week
Results: 1 month of treatment
3 treatments per week.
All inflammation cleared up and movement 100% better.
I saw patient 1 x a week for 1 month as a follow up
Synopsis: Bleeding helped o relieve the stagnation.
Movement of the affected arm while needling ashi point opposite side was very helpful for range of motion.
Blood/ Qi Liver Stagnation and Kid Qi def was treated via herbs and acupuncture


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