Friday, May 20, 2011

Chinese Medicine for Obesity and Hypertension

Chief Complaint: Over Weight and High blood pressure
Western Diagnosis: Obesity, high blood pressure
Medical History: 45-year-female who has been overweight for nearly 30 years and has high blood pressure for nearly 12 years.
Questioning exam: Do you have a normal appetite?
No. Sometimes I can’t control myself even under the condition I don’t feel hungry I must eat.
Pulse exam: Heart and liver pulse are superficial.
spleen and kidney pulse are weak.
Tongue exam: Tongue is dark red.coating is thick and yellow.
OM Diagnosis: spleen and kidney deficiency
Treatment Principle: Regulate spleen qi and tonify kidney
Point Prescription: St34 LI11
Herbal Formula: liu wei di huang wan 30 pills every day
Lifestyle Prescription: walking 1 hour every day
Results: after 4 weeks treatment,the patient lost 12 pounds and her blood pressure become better.

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