Friday, May 6, 2011

Chinese Medicine for Fatigue

Chief Complaint: Candida
Western Diagnosis: Candida and fatigue
Medical History: 26 year old female Caucasian of A Blood type and high simple carbo diet and recent prolonged use of antibiotics for both URTI and bladder infections. Very noticeable “Geographic Tongue” with thick white coating in the areas that were not peeled. Patients pulse showed a locked and “Slippery” pattern only in the middle jiao both left and right.
OM Diagnosis: A: Damp Heat affecting the spleen organ due to diet, stress and antibiotics. B: Secondarily, Liver heat because of sensitive nature and highly intellectual nature and liver type voice.
Treatment Principle: A: Clear damp heat and Qi Stag in both the Earth and Wood
B: Modify the diet as per Dr. Luc De Shepper’s protocol for candida
C: Use both Qi Gong and Tai Qi exercises to reduce the daily stress of the patient.
Point Prescription: Sp 9, Sp 6 Sp 4 and Sp 3= These depended upon the time of day and whether the patient was premenstrual.
Liv 3, 4 and 8: Clear heat and reg Qi etc.
L.I. 4, 7 and 11
P.C. 6
Ren 12, 6 and Liv 13 and St 25
Herbal Formula:
A: Phellostatin from Health Concerns
B: Candida diet as per above
C: Ionic silver at 35 ppm from Royal Blue Blood Brand.
D: AstraIsatis from Health Concerns.
Lifestyle Prescription:
Tai Qi and Qi Gong exercises.
Results: After approx 6 weeks, patient was able to go back to exercising at the gym, the tongue was normal and the energy levels during the day felt “Great” to the patient. She did have to avoid sweets during the holidays with which her friends were a great support group.
She did start to slip after the first of the year and required some additional treatment.

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