Monday, May 2, 2011

Acupuncture Treatment of Recurring Nightmares

Chief Complaint: Recurring Nightmares
History: Patient was an 23yr old female who had no previous major medical history. She had a tonsillectomy when she was in grade school (did not remember age) . No medications, no history of abuse and could not think of any specific physical or emotional trauma.
Symptoms: Recurring dream of being chased then strangled. Initial onset was about 1.5 months prior to tx with an occurrence about 2/3 times per week. Patient was having difficulty sleeping due to anxiety about having nightmare and would sleep very lightly. After dream would usually stay up about 2 hours to calm herself down. All other functions seemed normal.
Palpation: Thin and thready. Weakness in Ht and Sp position.
Observation: Tongue N/A
Abdominal palpation showed large pulse in Ht area, softness in Sp area
OM Diagnosis: Ht & SP QI and BL def
Treatment Principle: Tonify QI and Bl, Calm Shen
Point Prescription: Tx1: Sp4 PC6, LU 7, Ki 6, Du 20
Tx2: Ub13,14,15,18,20,23
Tx3: Du20, UB11, Ub23, Ub61
Herb Prescription: None
Lifestyle Prescription: Recommend abdominal breathing for at least ten cycles while in bed before falling asleep.
Results: Patient reported fewer nightmares after first tx and sound sleep. Second treatment a week later. After treatment patient reported sounder sleeping no nightmares, but did wake a few times feeling slightly upset. Third tx was two weeks later and reported no more dreams after.
Synopsis: The patient had been relatively health with some minor stressors, which were found out during the fourth treatment. She had been worrying about going to grad school which seemd to coincide with the nightmares

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