Friday, May 20, 2011

The Acupuncture Treatment of Heartburn (GERD)

Chief Complaint: heartburn
Western Diagnosis: esophageal reflux
Medical History: stress related, burning like a hole in his stomach, ravenous hunger;
defensiveness, vulnerability
Questioning exam: heartburn ad epigastric pain, militant atheist.
Pulse exam: PC deep and weak, kidney full, overall smooth
Tongue exam: pale with white grease
OM Diagnosis: Stomach fire
IV-V imbalance (5 Element)
Treatment Principle: clear heat and rebellion, harmonize the Pericardium
Point Prescription: K22 PC1
CV 12, 14 S21
AE shu pts
PC6 Moxa
Herbal Formula: N/A
Lifestyle Prescription: Return monthly for follow up
Massage, yoga/taichi
Results: Able to stop all his western drugs

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