Friday, May 20, 2011

Acupuncture for Sinusitis

Chief Complaint: Sinus problems
Medical History: Onset 5 years ago. Drinks 2 cups coffee daily.
Questioning exam: Sinus congestion and headaches worse with dairy and wheat. However no symptoms are used to make a Five Element Diagnosis.
Pulse exam: Pulses indicated exit-entry blocks between LV and Lu and LI and St.
Tongue exam: n/a
OM Diagnosis: Wood Causative Factor – inappropriate anger, rancid odor, shouting voice and green color lateral to the eyes.
Treatment Principle: Clear blocks (AE, entry/exit, etc) and support Causative Factor at spirit level
Point Prescription: First Treatment:
Cleared AE with Back shu points – sedation technique, needles just under the skin.
Kd-24, Head above tears, GV-12
Source points of wood.
All points treated with moxa and tonifying needling technique
Herbal Formula: n/a
Lifestyle Prescription: Increase water intake to half her body weight in fluid oz per day minimum. No coffee consumption.
Results: Significant improvement with sinuses, relief of pressure and absence of infections.
Synopsis: Cleared blocks and supported Wood meridians.

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