Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Acupuncture for Sex

An Acupuncturist's View of Sexual Dysfunction and Decline

Many cases of low libido, poor sexual performance, and other bedroom issues are caused by mental and emotional problems. Though the spiritual truths of Chinese medicine can play a role in healing some psychological problems, Acupuncture can be of greatest help when sexual issues are caused by physiological problems.

According to TCM, most of these problems are related to energetic deficiencies. Most sexual deficiencies are said to be caused by a combination of deficiencies.

There are 3 kinds of Kidney Deficiencies that can normally lead to sexual decline.

Kidney Yang Deficiency
Kidney Yin Deficiency
Kidney Jing Deficiency

Chinese acupuncturists distinguish between these causes, and create treatments based on this pattern discrimination. Acupuncture is based on pattern diagnosis, not simply on the sex of the user. Points are chosen according to conditions which can effect either sex.

When sexual problems are due to stress and stress related disorders, acupuncture alone can offer significant help. In other cases, where sexual problems are caused by biological pathologies acupuncture must be used in conjunction with traditional Chinese herbal medicine to effect improvement.

Chinese Herbs Used to Enhance Sexual Performance

Acupuncture Points Often Used for Sex

Acupuncture point for sex

acupunture point for sex

Acupoints for sex

Sex & Acupuncture


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