Friday, May 20, 2011

Acupuncture and Oriental Herbs for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chief Complaint: joint pain
Western Diagnosis: rheumatoid arthritis
Medical History: Female, 34 years old, physical therapist. Joint pain since she was little. Has seen regular physician. Take low dose prednisone off and on.
Ankle, knee and hip joint pain bother her a lot. Recently the both knee swollen, pain, feeling warm and affecting function.
Questioning exam: like cold drink
feel warm
sore throat
Pulse exam: slippery pulse
Both knee joint warm
Tongue exam: red tongue with thin yellow coating
both knee swollen
OM Diagnosis: Bi Syndromes ( heat & dampness)
Treatment Principle: clearing heat and removing dampness
Point Prescription: St.34 St.35 Xiyan(extra) G.B.34 G.B 33 St.36 Sp.9 L.I.11
Herbal Formula: Lian Qiao15 Chi Xiao Do30 Fang Feng 10 Gui Zhi5 Ci Shao10 Yin Dong Teng30 Seng Jiang3 Qiang Huo15 Sheng Gan Cao3
(all unit is Gram)
Lifestyle Prescription: rest, avoiding walking a lot.
Results: This patient has been seen me for a while, at beginning my treatment was for her joints pain. She got a lot of improvement from the treatment.
The knee swollen happened in July, just before I left California, I just know she was better, I have no following up with her. The reason I put this case for you is I would like people know how to treat this situation of rheumatoid arthritis. I don’t think this kind patient will see us by themselves or be refereed by a regular physician. The reason she believe acupuncture with me is I cured her menstrual problem with herbs.

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