Sunday, May 22, 2011

Acupuncture and Herbs for Excessive Menstrual Flow

Chief Complaint: 1- Excessive menstrual flow
Western Diagnosis: The patient was diagnosed with fibroids by a M.D
Medical History: Female, 46 years old
Secondary complaint, recurrent sinus infections
Questioning exam: 1-Her symptoms consist of a lack of a menses for 2-3 months, followed by a heavy flow for 2-3 weeks. The flow is dark and has clots. She feels her abdomen is tight while menstruating, and finds that moving and stretching relieves it.
2- The patient has gotten a sinus infection every six months for as long as she can remember. The discharge from her nose starts clear, but becomes green and bloody.
Pulse exam:
Pulse: Rapid, slippery
Tongue exam: Tongue: Scalloped, white coat, lavender color
OM Diagnosis: 1- Uterine bleeding due to blood stasis (beng luo)
2- Local obstruction of Yang Ming channel
Treatment Principle: 1- Move blood stasis
2- Clear obstruction, move qi
Point Prescription: Sp1, Sp10, Sp8, Sp6, Yin Tang, Du 20, LI4, St36, Du23, LI20->BiTong, St3
Herbal Formula: Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang
Results: Menstrual flow decreased after treatment, and stopped a day or so after treatment.

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