Monday, May 2, 2011

The Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment of Infertility Due to Hyperprolactinemia

Chief-complaint: Infertility
Western-diagnosis: Infertility, hyperprolactinemia
Medical-history: 34 year old, female. She had taken contraceptive pills since she was 18. Stopped around June 2009 when she and her partner wanted to start a family. No pregnancy so far. Has history of cystitis.
She had some tests in January 2009, which showed that she had hyperprolactinemia (PRL: 1030mu/L) and she had no ovulation.
Symptoms: Thought & worried too much, tend to catch cold, preferred warm drinks, extremely cold hands and feet, even needed to wear thick cotton socks in the summer, insomnia, had difficulty in falling asleep, severe constipation (once a week), occasional abdominal distention and acid reflux.
Her cycle was 29-35 days, period lasted about 5 days, had period pain on the 2nd day, normal amount, red color with clots. Last period was on 30/12/2008.
Pulse: wiry and thready
Tongue: pink tongue with red tip, yellow and thick root
CM-diagnosis: Yang deficiency, coldness in blood, liver qi stagnation
Treatment-principle: Tonify Kidney Yang, Warm channel and disperse cold, sooth Liver qi
Point-prescription: guanyuan (RN4), zhongji (RN3), taixi (KI3), taichong (LV3), zusanli (ST36), sanyinjiao (SP6), sishencong (EX)
Herb-prescription: Yu Lin Zhu & Dang Gui Si Ni Tang & Chai Hu Shu Gan San modified
Lifestyle-prescription: Avoid cigarette, alcohol, coffee
Results: Treatment started in mid-January, by the beginning of April (3/4) she is pregnant. And a beautiful baby girl was born in Dec 2009.

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