Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Natural Herbal Remedies For Health And Vitality

Natural herbal remedies are time tested and have evolved over centuries of trial and error. While the allopathic drugs are tried on rats and other animals before they are tried on human beings, lest they harm them!
It looks like the world is surviving on antibiotics and over the counter medicines. Anytime a person has a headache, he just does not think instead he reaches out for an aspirin. I wonder what it was like before aspirin was not invented or when man did not have any of the modern day drugs at all?
People still survived those times with the help of natural herbal remedies. Well, we still have them; it’s just that they are now known as alternative medicines. Why? Simply, because anything that is different from the allopathic medicines of today is alternative.
These natural herbal remedies have been tried on human beings for centuries and that too without any side effects. People often have a misconception that the natural herbal remedies are slow acting; hence do not relieve pain fast. The fact is that is not true. A simple cold remedy which consists of honey, basil and lemon works faster than most of the over the counter pills which end up having nasty side effects.
The truth is that nature has a solution for everything. It is up to man to know those and use them in their day-to-day life.
For example herbs like basil and plants like turmeric have antiseptic properties. These can cure all sorts of wounds, external and internal.Wheatgrass is known to cure dangerous illnesses like cancer in many patients. However, it is important to realize that though they do not cause any side effects, herbs also need to be taken in the prescribed quantity as some herbs can be harmful, if taken without supervision.

Some Valuable Natural Herbal Remedies

Natural Herbal Remedies Goldenseal: We talk about antibiotics like amoxicillin and many others, little realizing that natural antibiotics already exist in nature. This herb is one of them. One teaspoon of powdered root of goldenseal in tea can cure most of the problems.Chamomile: The next time you have a stomach upset, don’t reach out for antacid. Instead try drinking two to three teaspoons of Chamomile and watch the stomachache vanish.
Garlic: In many places, garlic is known as the magic herb. Garlic is not only an antibiotic but is also is a great antiviral medicine. It also dissolves blood clots, reduces cholesterol and prevents heart attacks. It can either be chewed or taken with cold water.
Slippery elm bark: These days it is said that sucking some over-the-counter throat lozenges can cause heart and other problems. However, we have a natural lozenge in the form of Slippery elm back. Not only does it help with a sore throat and cough, it also provides relief with an upset stomach.
Apart from these, we have herbs like Ginseng for liver problems, Dandelion for PMS, Feverfew for migraines, Raspberry for all problems in pregnancy and Comfrey for wound healing.

In nature we can find cures for everything we just need to take the time to discover them. Nature's herbs are among the best treatments for disease and illness. Properly prescribed, they are safe, free of side effects and also help in strengthening the immune system. If you are interested in taking natural herbal remedies it is advisable that you speak with your health care provider to discuss any possible precautions that need to be observed.

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