Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holistic Cancer Treatment Can Make A Miracle Happen

Holistic Cancer TreatmentThe word “cancer” strikes terror in everyone's heart and mind, but holistic cancer treatment aims to address the cancer itself, and also the underlying causes. For many, the disease spells a death sentence. Chemotherapy, radiation, heavy medicines render patient weak and worn out. The cause of cancer is still a mystery. Till today, it is not clear why some people develop this disease and others don’t, given the same living conditions.
The Allopathic medicine believes in treating diseases like cancer with pills and other remedies. The Naturopathic medicine believes in finding out the underlying cause of the disease rather than concentrating on the disease itself. This discipline believes that human beings are more than just physical bodies. Their holistic health consists of healthy emotions, mind, spirit and energetic anatomy. When any of this affected, the equilibrium gets upset and a disease manifests itself.
Cancer is no different. Studies suggest that a combination of a variety of factors play a role in manifesting cancer. These include nutritional deficiencies, environmental pollutants and many a genetic factors. Most cancer treatments fail, as they do not consider the holistic nature of human beings and the many causes of cancer.
The traditional treatment of cancer is more on the lines of the “Silver Bullet”. The silver bullet approach operates on the theory that just one advanced treatment is needed to cure cancer, like a missile zeroing on the target. Many advanced programs combine two or three of these “hotshot” treatments and assume that the patient is being treated in a holistic manner.
The holistic treatment theory states that the physician needs to give the body what it needs and needs to take away what it doesn’t need. Once, that happens, its important to let the body’s natural ability and defenses take over to drive the disease out of the system. Cancer is a sign that there is something wrong with the holistic health of the individual. Either it can be a mental stress or a spiritual blockage that causes the disease.

Understanding Cancer

To understand cancer, we need to understand the holistic view of cancer. Cancer can be caused when the body’s internal balance is overthrown by external stimuli such as toxins and nutrient deficiency. Due to this, the cells go through a 6-stage transformation from a healthy cell to a diseased cell. This theory was propagated by a German physicist Heinrich Reckeweg, in a theory called Homotoxicology. According to his theory, if the body's immune system is strong and has access to all the required nutrients it can actually kill cancerous cells fairly quickly. Healthy individuals do this on an almost daily basis, and we never know it.The holistic cancer treatment support plan includes a holistic assessment of the patient; specifically, the type of cancer and its stage of progression; are there any other conditions or illnesses requiring simultaneous treatment, the mental and emotional state of the patient, and finally an analysis of the patient's overall health, strength and vitality.
There are some holistic cancer support objectives that include building stamina and vitality, neutralizing the side effects of the conventional treatments and strengthen the immune system amongst others.
While conventional cancer treatments involve killing cancer cells which weaken the patient’s immune system in the progress, the holistic cancer treatment includes killing the diseased cells and increasing the immune system’s capability. The holistic cancer treatment also includes herbal counselling, yoga, biofeedback, and acupuncture amongst many others.

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