Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cosmetic Acupuncture: A Beauty Secret

With all the reported risks of plastic surgery, it is no wonder that women are seeking out other options. Plastic surgery requires anesthesia, usually takes several hours, and leaves the patient with a swollen, red, and sometimes bruised face. It takes around two weeks for complete recovery.

The only possible side effect of cosmetic acupuncture is minimal bruising. Other than that, cosmetic acupuncture is a totally safe form of treatment. However, cosmetic acupuncture is not the fountain of youth. The results will not resemble a facelift and they won’t be realized immediately. The results of cosmetic acupuncture are subtle and will be revealed over time, without using a harsh chemical peel or slicing your skin.

A practitioner will insert tiny, thin needles into wrinkles and frown lines. The needles stimulate energy to flow around the face; blood rushes to the surface, and the muscles relax. The muscles then tighten, which decreases sagging of facial skin. The needles also stimulate the cells to create new collagen fibers under wrinkles, filling in fine lines. A recent study by the International Journal of Clinical acupuncture claims that 90% of those who tried facial acupuncture saw positive results such as softening of facial lines, improvement in skin tone, reduction of under-eye circles, and a general facial rejuvenation.

Prices and number of treatments vary from one practitioner to the next. When searching for a practitioner, be wary to choose someone with a license who has studied with a qualified teacher, and is part of the Americancosmetic acupuncture association.

Though facial acupuncture of course results in enhanced physical looks, the benefits of facial acupuncture don’t end there. Acupuncture is a healthy, holistic process used by the Chinese for thousands of years as a cure for stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Some might be skeptics of facial acupuncture, but with the proven benefits to both your appearance and your well being, how can you still doubt it?

Opponents of the procedure will remind you that it is only a short term solution, lasting no more than a handful of years. However, surgical facelifts also have a limited period of effectiveness. There is no solution that will last forever. In less than a decade, the ravages of time will begin to show again, regardless of the number of surgeries completed.

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