Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Discover How The Five Elements Can Improve Your Health

Understanding the five elements or five phases can be the key to you feeling better and having the quality of life that you deserve. Believe it or not it could be that simple. Chinese medicine teaches that your life and your health are direct reflections of your balance or imbalance with them both internally and externally.
Five Elements The five elements are wood (green), fire (red), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (blue). Each one carries with it a certain energy and set of characteristics. These characteristics and energies then lend themselves to everything that is around us and within us, and working with them is the key to optimal health and happiness.

What Is The Five Elements Theory?

This theory states that the phases are constantly moving and changing and they are interconnected to everything in the material world. This interconnectivity lends to interdependence and a mutual restraint. If you look at Chinese medicine they use this theory to explain the way the human body works, why there is disease and how to treat it. To do this within the body the physicians tied the five phases to the Zang-fu (solid and hollow) organs and tissues of the body, and the environment. What they did was compare similarities to expose phenomenon, so that they took the different phenomena and compared them to the five elements and their characteristics.
Based then on the characteristics, forms, functions they found connections between them and the way the body works. They used these same phenomena to link the way the human body operates and tied it to the environment in which a person lives.
The interconnectedness and interdependence of the five phases on each other brings about a mutual generation and counter-subjugation. These close relationships are what make us all connected to everything and everyone around us.
If you take a look at what the relationship bring abouts you will notice that it is a balance, a perfect balance. Through mutual generation we grow and promote, while the mutual subjugation is restrictive, it applies restraints.
So that wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal, metal generates water and water then generates wood. This is the circle of life so to speak, it is endless. This is a prosperous circle.
For there to be balance then there has to be a give and take, that is where the subjugation comes in. While with generation we are growing and expanding, subjugation maintains a restraint or control so that growth does not go into its extreme. This too must be done in balance, an excess of generation or subjugation will bring about an imbalance.
This imbalance of the five elements in the person will show up as signs and symptoms of disease. Depending on the intensity of the imbalance and the length of time before this imbalance is addressed will dictate the severity of the disease or health condition.

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